Organic cotton bed linen

organic cotton sheets bed linen



Sheet sets and quilt covers are available from Single to King size.  To see the prices for each size, first click on your preferred colour/design below and then under each product you will be able to select the size. 

Sheets on the Line certified organic cotton bed linen is luxuriously soft, free from chemicals and long lasting. 

A special feature of this linen is that the whole production process has been certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and their label is attached to the linen to prove authenticity.  This ensures not only that the cotton is 100% certified organic, but also that the manufacturing has adhered to ethical, social and environmentally sustainable standards.

This bed linen allows your body to breathe freely because it is not coated in formaldehyde resin (used in many sheets to keep them shiny and unwrinkled) and other toxins. Choosing organic materials helps cut the toxins you inhale while sleeping.

Sheets on the Line bed linen is of the highest quality and super soft. You use your bed linens every day, and every day you’ll remember that your bed sheets were made from healthy, sustainably farmed organic cotton and harvested, cleaned, spun, woven and sewn by people working in decent conditions who were fairly compensated.

Shopping in store:  please be aware that we do not have the whole range on hand in our physical stores. You are welcome to call ahead or order online and elect to pick up in store; or you can purchase in store and we will have it ready for you in a couple of days.