Palm Oil Free

Every product at Biome is 100% free from palm oil derivatives. We are one of the few stores in the world that has achieved this!

Please browse our entire site as every product is palm oil free.  Below are just some highlights.

The palm oil industry is causing immense harm to our planet and it's getting worse, not better.  We could not be part of the problem any longer so made this drastic move to get rid of hundreds of products with palm oil-derived ingredients. Shocking there are so many, right? But, you wouldn't know because few brands declare palm oil on their labels (it is hidden under other names), and many retailers have not done due diligence on the brands they sell. Read more about the issue

There's also too much uncertainty around 'sustainable palm oil', so if you're passionate about the forests, global warming, and threatened species like orangutans, rhinoceros and tigers, it's safest to avoid all palm oil.

We're not saying that a brand using palm oil is 'bad'.  The problem is lack of transparency and adequate research to back up claims. While some skirt the truth so as not to upset the apple cart, the forests and their creatures are running out of time.

Let's show the world that it is possible to care for our bodies, use cosmetics, and clean our homes without palm oil!