Products that may Contain Palm Oil Derived Ingredients

Biome no longer stocks products with ingredients that have any trace of palm oil. The 'hidden' use of palm oil has allowed the situation to get out of control.  Our aim is to bring the use of palm oil out in to the open so that we can at least confront the enormity of the reliance upon it and the decimation it is causing.

We are not suggesting that brands that use palm oil-derived ingredients are 'bad'. We are motivating brands to re-look at how they manufacture, take responsibility for the supply chain of their ingredients, and be transparent so that you can make informed choices. 

This process has already resulted in several brands reformulating. Once we were courageous to speak out about this, real change began happening!

Palm is a destructive and cruel industry that harms people, orangutans and other animals, causes deforestation, decimation of carbon-sink peat lands, dangerous fires, and global warming.

Brands often do not even know there is palm oil in their formulations, and if it is, where it came from.  With body care, cosmetics and cleaning products, the palm is rarely in the product as straight palm oil.  Palm is used to make thousands of synthetic ingredients, using other chemicals, heat and physical processes to change the chemical compound so that it becomes a surfactant, emulsifier, emolient or other, as is then labelled as that chemical.

To be on our shelves, a brand must provide written proof that the ingredients commonly derived from palm oil are guaranteed to be palm free at all times. Ingredient manufacturers alternate between palm, coconut or another oil depending upon seasonal supply and price.  Hence they are not prepared to make a written guarantee that their ingredient such as Glycerin, Glyceryl stearate or Cetyl alcohol will always be palm free.  We learned many times that a brand's reassurance is not enough.  Often the statement "to the best of our knowledge" is used, which is of course not proof at all. 

Further, claiming that any palm used is sustainable or RSPO is, in our opinion, most often misleading:

1) In most cases it is impossible to exactly trace where the palm that went into making a new chemical ingredient came from. Manufacturers use mass refined, pooled and traded palm oil from hundreds of sources to make the chemical. 

2) Even if could be traced, there is NO reliable certification scheme to ensure what went on at that plantation. RSPO has been discredited as an unreliable certification scheme by many experts including WWF and POI. Watch the videos on our palm oil page for more evidence of the disconnect between the dirty reality of what happens on the ground and the glossy 'sustainable' message on a consumer product.

Further, RSPO itself, mandates that for a claim of 'sustainable palm oil' to be made, the RSPO certified logo must appear on the final packaging.  So if there is no logo, then the retailer/brand is breaching RSPO's rules and should not be making an unsubstantiated claim.  

The only solution we believe is to change our reliance on palm oil by finding better ways of doing things.  While palm oil is supported as a solution, there will not be enough consumer pressure for brands to change.  Read more about why palm is so entrenched in natural products >

The great news is that we have found so many fabulous brands who are working without palm oil.  Please see them here in our Guide to Palm Oil Free Alternatives > 

Below are brands that have products that we believe do or may contain palm oil-derived ingredients based on information we possess at this time. We greatly appreciate the transparency and integrity of these brands in responding to our requests.  

Please note that brands may change their formulations or ingredient sourcing without our knowledge, so this list may no longer be accurate.  Please make your own inquiries to verify the facts with these brands.

TIP: We often see other retail stores claiming that a product is palm oil free based purely on "statements provided by the brand" without having done further due diligence themselves.

However, if the brand is confident that they are palm free, it is highly likely they would state this on the label or its website, as this is a feature that most brands would take pride in promoting, along with claims such as vegan and cruelty free. 

So, please do check the brand's packaging and website, and if it is not prepared to publicly make the palm oil free claim itself, then I would question why the retailer is making this claim publicly on their behalf. - Tracey

Skin Care & Makeup

SANCTUM Some Sanctum products contain palm oil derivatives
LAMAV LaMav contains ingredients commonly derived from palm oil. Verification in progress.
ACURE ACURE would not provide written documentation that the ingredients typically derived from palm oil are guaranteed palm oil free. Some Acure products remain - serums and oils and Dry Shampoo.
UNI ORGANICS Uni Organics contains ingredients commonly derived from palm oil, such as Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetyl Alcohol.
WOT NOT WIPES Wot Not Baby Wipes and Wot Not Face Wipes contain palm oil derived ingredients.
ECO TAN Eco Tan contains ingredients commonly derived from palm oil. Verification in progress.
TINDERBOX Tinderbox's face products and Breath of Blossom, may contain palm oil derivatives. Tinderbox's essential oils are palm oil free.
CLEMENCE ORGANICS Some of the Clemence range contains ingredients that may be derived from palm oil. Clemence's serum, oils and balms are palm oil free.
ANDALOU Andalou range contains ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
AMAZING OILS Amazing Oils Magnesium Moisturiser contains a palm oil derived ingredient.
MOZZIE REPELLANTS Bug Another, Bug Grrr Off and Lemon Myrtle Topical Spray contain ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
DR HAUSCHKA Some products contain ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
LITTLE INNOSCENTS Some products contain ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
WELEDA Some products contain ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
ALOE DENT TOOTHPASTE Contains ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
ALAFFIA Contains ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
BEAUTY & THE BEES Hair Conditioning bars and Beard care gloss contain RSPO palm oil.
EO Hand Sanitiser Contains ingredient commonly derived from palm oil.
Lunette Cleansing Wash Waiting on written documentation that the Glycerin is guaranteed palm free.
Jack n Jill We have not received documentation that the Glycerin is guaranteed palm free.


SANTE Contains ingredients derived from palm along with carmine in some products.
LUK BEAUTIFOOD Luk Beautifood lipstick range contains an ingredient derived from palm oil. Luk has commited to be palm oil free by October 2017 and is reformulating. While they reformulate we have removed the products from sale.
ECO MINERALS Some Eco Minerals products, namely Mascara, Hi light creme and Concealers contain ingredients that are derived from palm oil. Eco Minerals says it is commited to being palm free and is trying to reformulate. While they reformulate we have removed the products from sale.
INIKA All Inika makeup except the Lipsticks and some Pressed Eye Shadows and most Eye Shadows contain some ingredients derived from palm oil such as Glyceryl Caprylate, and Caprylic Triglyceride. We have removed from sale Inika's mascara, liquid foundations, baked foundations broonzer and illuminiser, some pressed eye shadows and lip, eye and brow pencils.
ERE PEREZ Ere Perez mascara and foundations contain ingredients commonly derived from palm oil.
Contains palm oil derived ingredient Cetearyl alcohol.


ECOLOGICAL SUNSCREEN Eco Sunscreen contains palm oil derived ingredients such as Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, and Polyhydroxystearic Acid.
ECO TAN SUNSCREEN Eco Tan sunscreen may contain palm derived ingredients, and we have not received documentation that guarantees they are palm free.
UV Natural sunscreen contains a small amount of palm oil in the zinc stearate. UV SPF Lip Balm is palm free.

Green Cleaning

ABODE Abode cleaning and laundry range contains an ingredient that is generally derived from palm.
EUCA Waiting on written documentation from the supplier for full ingredients.
ECOLOGIC While Ecologic has clean ingredients compared with many cleaners, unfortunately Ecologic Laundry Liquid, Fabric Softener, Wool Wash, Dish Liquid, and Rose Geranium Floor Cleaner contain ingredients that can not be guaranteed always palm free.
KIN KIN Kin Kin Natural's Laundry Liquid, Dish Liquid, Wool Wash and Soaker contain an ingredient that may be derived from palm. Only the Dishwasher Powder is free from palm.
Contains ingredients typically derived from palm oil, along with synthetic/petrochemical-derived ingredients such as Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, Benzyl Alcohol, Tetraacetyl Ethalinediamine; plus PPG-4 Laureth-5
RESPARKLE Contains some ingredients that can not be guaranteed to be free from palm.