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The Story of More

The Story of More

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The Story of More. Besides being one of the seven billion people with whom we share this earth, author Hope Jahren is an award-winning scientist, a brilliant writer and passionate teacher. In The Story of More, she illuminates the link between human habits and our at-risk planet. 



"Hope Jahren is the voice that science has been waiting for." - Nature.

“A superb account of the deadly struggle between humanity and what may prove the only life-bearing planet within ten light years, written in a brilliantly sardonic and conversational style.” —E. O. Wilson

“Hope Jahren asks the central question of our time: how can we learn to live on a finite planet? The Story of More is thoughtful, informative, and—above all—essential.” —Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction

In succinct, easy to read chapters, Jahren takes us through the science behind the key inventions that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like never before. She explains the current and projected consequences of global warming and the actions that we all can take to fight back.The Story of More is the essential pocket primer on climate change that will leave an indelible impact on everyone who reads it.

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