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TerraCycle Zero Waste Recycle Bin - Bathroom Seperation

TerraCycle Zero Waste Recycle Bin - Bathroom Seperation

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TerraCycle Zero Waste Recycle Bin - Bathroom Seperation. Use this box to recycle all of the normally-non-recyclable waste that is generated in your bathroom. This includes bath and shower accessories, cleaning accessories, health care packaging, storage containers, and more. Reduce your waste by recycling unrecyclable" products. Small and medium available. Blister packs can be recycled with this bin.

Box ships direct from TerraCycle within 2-3 days. 



Cannot be shipped to a PO box due to size.

you are making a difference:

  • Send less trash to landfill by recycling items usually not recyclable in current council services.
  • Inspire your office, school or community to recycle by putting a bin in an accessible location.
  • All waste is sent to TerraCycle to their specialist recycling, reusing and repurposing services.

how it works:

  • Use this box to recycle non-organic waste generated in your bathroom that does not have a municipal recycling solution.
  • Ideal for Bath and Shower Accessories, Home Cleaning Accessories, Home Fabrics and Clothing, Home Health Care
    Home Storage Containers, Human Hair, Interior Home Furnishings, Paper Packaging, Personal Care Accessories
    Plastic Packaging , Prescription Drug Packaging and Containers and E-waste.
  • Simply buy the bin and when full, seal and ship it back to TerraCycle for free (shipping back to Terracycle is included in purchase price)!
  • Please do not include organics, broken glass, bio-medical waste, soiled diapers, expired medication, pesticides, paint, pressurized canisters, and medical sharps in any of the boxes.
  • Purchase price covers shipping to TerraCycle. Once your bin is full, simply post to TerraCycle, and they will use specialised methods to break down, recycle, and reuse the materials.
  • Bin will be shipped direct from TerraCycle within a week of your ordering. Depending upon location delivery may take approximately 1-2 weeks.


Small. 254 mm (L) X 254 mm (W) X 460 mm (D).

Medium. 280 mm (L) X 280 mm (W) X 1020 mm (D).

TerraCycle is a USA company with an Australian office in Sydney.

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Brand story
TerraCycle is changing the face of recycling. From humble worm-farm beginnings, Tom Szaky founded TerraCycle in 2001, and it is now committed to making the "unrecyclable", recyclable. TerraCycle now operates across 20 countries, offers free recycling schemes (like the beauty product recycling we offer at all Biome stores), and has currently recycled 3,783,212,164 pieces of waste.
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