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Ten I Muhou Slub Gauze Hand Towel - Beige

Ten I Muhou Slub Gauze Hand Towel - Beige

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This Ten I Muhou Slub Gauze Hand Towel in Beige embodies luxury. Carefully crafted in Japan from 100% organic cotton, this unique texture is not only breathable and fast-drying, but softens with each wash.


Thin and fluffy, the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

Made of double weave of gauze and pile.

Quick drying, so it's convenient to carry around when traveling or at the gym.

Design features one side muslin, one side short terry.

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approximately 34 x 40 cm

Ingredients / Materials

100% Organic Cotton.

Care & Use

The colour may change due to sunlight or washing.

When washing, please avoid using detergents containing fluorescent agents, bleach, and dryers.

Circular life

When a garment or textile can no longer be worn, mended, swapped, gifted, donated or upcycled, please contact your Council to find the nearest textile recycling scheme.

Made in


Brand story
With a long history dating back to 1941 as a shibori dyeing business, fast-forward to more recent times of spring 1993 when the company started the production and marketing of organic products made from organic cotton (which was little known to the general public in Japan at that time). They named the brand "ten-i muhou," which is an idiom that translates literally as "heaven clothing with no stitching" and is often used to describe the beauty of prose or poetry that is naturally composed with no artifice or labored expressions. As this name suggests, their aim is to deliver natural, comfortable, and beautiful products.
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