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Sacred Ceremony - Ceremonial Cacao 250g | 25 serves

Sacred Ceremony - Ceremonial Cacao 250g | 25 serves

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Made for each other
  • Made in Australia
  • Vegan
Introducing Sacred Ceremony - Ceremonial Cacao. Cacao is known to help calm the mind, relax the nervous system and open the heart. This blend is perfect for a home ritual with all the benefits of organic, ethically sourced and regenerative cacao. 250g | 25 serves.


Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

This blend is specifically designed to create a ceremony for yourself, to help deepen your spiritual experience and enhance your wellbeing.

Comes in its natural, chunky solid state, with its essential fats intact.

Wild-crafted, ethically sourced, regenerative Cacao.

Cacao is known to:

  • Calm the mind and relax the nervous system
  • Elevate mood and enhance productivity
  • Increase awareness and provide sustainable energy
  • Deepen connection

No nasties included - 100% Organic Ingredients, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten-Free, Preservative Free and Vegan.

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250g | 25 serves

Made from

100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Heirloom Criollo Cacao Mass.

Care & Use


1-4 heaped tablespoons of Ceremonial Grade Cacao (10-40g)
250ml of filtered water
Pinch of cayenne pepper (if desired)
Coconut sugar or organic sweetener (if desired)

Add the ingredients into a saucepan
Warm gently on low heat, whisking until it becomes smooth
Feel free to add an intention, sing to your cacao or dance
Pour into your favourite vessel and begin your ceremony

Beginners start with 1 tablespoon of Cacao and work your way up
To preserve the benefits, heat the cacao until just melted and warm, not hot!

Circular life

Reuse, refill or recycle the container.

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