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Plants Save the World

Plants Save the World

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Plants Save the World by Annabel Savery and QU Lan. From tiny seeds and weeds to massive trees, plants come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Produced in partnership with the RHS, this book shows us how plants are going to help us to SAVE the world. They are the foundation of all life on earth and without them, we cannot survive! Read about how they can support us and we can support them.


Hardback, published on 10th May 2022 by Wayland print.

Plants are the foundation of all life on Earth - without them, we cannot survive! They provide food and medicine, clean the air we breathe, provide habitats for
animals, protect against disasters, such as flooding, and are used to make products that we use every day.
But plants are threatened by humans and so this book shows you how you can help to save them, too!

Supports the science curriculum in the study of plant life cycles, plant parts, food chains, ecosystems, deforestation and habitats

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