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Pekpi Swim Nappy - Augusta

Pekpi Swim Nappy - Augusta

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Pekpi presents the Swim Nappy - Augusta featuring a deep ocean green hue with coordinating snaps. Inspired by a minimal lifestyle and perfect for the mindful modern day baby. The Swim Nappy is better for the planet and easy to use. Australia's first Reusable Swim Nappy made from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ a premium performance fabric made from 100% Post-consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles destined for our oceans.


Pekpi's Swim Nappies are made from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ 100% Post-consumer Recycled Plastic outer shell.

Drawstring closure, elastic waist and legs for a comfortable and secure fit to prevent leaks.

Lightweight materials that will be soft on babies skin when wet or dry.

No absorbency required and is designed to catch number twos. It allows liquids to pass through, so that your child remains happy in the water.


Small: 4-7kg
Medium: 7-10kg
Large: 10-14kg

Ingredients / Materials

Swim Nappy outer shell is made from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ 100% Post-consumer Recycled Plastic from traceable sources and Oeko-Tex certified. Outer shell is coated with aheat-bonded TPU laminate to prevent leaks. The lining of the Swim Nappy is a lightweight polyester mesh.

Care & Use

STEP 1. Dry-pail

Knock solids off into the toilet, rinse inserts and store both in a dedicated wash basket with airflow, also known as a dry-pail.

STEP 2. Pre-wash

Every two days warm wash covers and inserts on your machines shortest cycle with a half serve of eco-friendly detergent.

STEP 3. Main wash

Follow by a warm wash on the longest cycle your machine will allow with a full serve of eco-friendly detergent.

STEP 4. Dry

Air-dry covers and inserts or tumble dry ensuring covers are on a low temperature and Inserts on a medium temperature.

Important - When washing please do not exceed 60°C as this can damage the waterproofing on your covers. To ensure its longevity ensure that your Swim Nappy doesn't come into contact with sun lotions and rough surfaces.

Circular life

When a garment or textile can no longer be worn, mended, swapped, gifted, donated or upcycled, please contact your Council to find the nearest textile recycling scheme.

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