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Our Race For Reconciliation

Our Race For Reconciliation

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  • Made in Australia

Our Race For Reconciliation. This young adult fiction by Anita Heiss is a look back at an important period of time for conversations around Indigenous reconciliation. The story follows a young runner whose idol Cathy Freeman comes to her school. A testament to the ways in which role models allow younger generations to imagine better futures for themselves. A great gift for young readers. Printed in South Australia. 


Mel Gordon loves running, and watching Seinfeld, but mostly she loves Cathy Freeman. It's 2000 and the Olympics are going to be held in Australia. In a year of surprises, Mel finds out that Cathy Freeman is coming to talk to her school. And her family is heading to Sydney! It becomes an unforgettable journey to Corroboree 2000, bringing together all Australians as they march and sing and celebrate Australia's Indigenous heritage and also acknowledge past wrongs.


192 pages.

Published by Omnibus Books.

Written by Anita Heiss.

Young adult (ages 9-12); fiction.

19.9cm x 12.9cm x 2.0cm.

Anita Heiss is an Ambassador of the GO Foundation, Worowa Aboriginal College and the Sydney Swans. She was a finalist in the 2012 Human Rights Awards and the 2013 Australian of the Year Awards and is a Board Member of the State Library of Queensland. Anita lives in Brisbane and in 2019 was appointed a Professor of Communications at the University of QLD. When she's not teaching she is writing, public speaking, MCing and being a 'creative disruptor'.

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