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Neoflam deep 24cm non stick casserole / cake pan - two tone red

Neoflam deep 24cm non stick casserole / cake pan - two tone red

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Neoflam deep 24cm non stick casserole / cake pan - two tone red.


you are making a difference:

  • Unlike most non-stick cookware made with PTFE and other harmful toxins, Ecolon is not harmful to the environment or humans because it is made from silica as found in sand and rocks.

  • Low energy production. For Teflon and similar coatings, extremely high temperatures are required. With Ecolon, the coating is sprayed on using air pressure and the products are baked in a low temperature kiln.
  • PFOA is not used during production and thus does not off-gas from the cookware. Additionally, CO2 emission is reduced in the manufacturing process compared to PTFE.
  • No heavy metals such as Cadmium, Lead and Mercury, so no harmful toxins are released even at high temperature.

  • Highly durability against scratches and high temp allows the non-stick coating to last longer.


  • Cleaning Ecolon ceramic non-stick cookware is a breeze inside and outside.

  • Highly scratch resistant. You can use metal utensils, though common sense is still required. Sharp objects such as knives and forks can cause damage.

  • All fry pans are oven proof up to 180 degree, casseroles are oven proof to 300 degrees, glass lids are oven proof up to 180 degrees.

  • Extremely high quality production, made from die-cast aluminium with excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Uses same principles as cast iron cookware with a thick base and sides, yet it is incredibly lightweight.

  • High heat conductivity means faster, more effective cooking, saves energy, helps retain nutrition
    in cooked food

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Stylish, vibrant colours so you can use as serving dishes (less dishwashing).

  • Exclusive negative ion technology allows the coating to emit more than 20 times the Anion than typical cookware.

Dimensions: 24cm diameter, 13cm deep

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Made from

Die-Cast Aluminum, Ecolon™ Natural Non-Stick Coating and Bakelite handle on glass lid.

Brand story
Neoflam non stick cookware is highly durable, scratch resistant, oven safe and provide all the benefits of cast iron cookware, but is lightwight. Neoflam non stick frying pans and cookware is 100% free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals.
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