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Marli's Tangled Tale

Marli's Tangled Tale

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True stories with powerful messages to inspire young change makers! Wild Tribe Heroes presents Marli's Tangled Tale by Ellie Jackson and Laura Callwood. A gentle, positive and engaging children's book based on real world, climate impacted events. Read along as Marli explores problems around ocean plastics and how it affects our ocean friends. 


Marli's Tangled Tale is the engaging story of the relationship between the actions of humans and wildlife and the dangers they face in their own natural habitats.

It is an engaging story based on the true tale of a little puffin who becomes entangled in balloon litter.

Great as a bedtime story or to share with your school or preschool.

Features stunning artwork captures the imagination of young readers and brings to life the very real threat balloons from balloon releases pose to our environment.

This story shares a powerful message which invites children and adults alike to question their actions and the effects on our environment.

Includes suggestions for alternatives to balloon releases and ideas for the future together with activities which reinforce the story.

Written by Ellie Jackson and Laura Callwood.

36 pages, paperback, published on 1st December 2017 by Under Pressure Media Ltd.

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