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Looking After Country with Fire

Looking After Country with Fire

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'LOOKING AFTER COUNTRY WITH FIRE Aboriginal burning knowledge with Uncle Kuu' by Victor Steffensen. Illistrated by Sandra Steffensen. The first page of this book states 'Dedicated to the young ones who want to grow up being friends with the fire and looking after Country.'


This beautifully illustrated book takes us on a journey of looking after Country through fire. Through listening to mother nature Uncle Kuu guides us on how to look after the land without harming the animals and nature on the land.

Uncle Kuu says that you should never, ever light fires yourself. Only an Aboriginal Elder, ranger or someone who understands Aboriginal burning knowledge will know how to burn Country the right way. Cool burning is a nice and low fire that has been lit in the right place at the right time. It forms a mosaic pattern across the land. Burning Country helps many plants to grow, providing food for the animals. Aboriginal people burn different types of Country seasonally throughout the year, and some places like wet rainforest don't need burning at all.

Burning country keeps the land clean of dry grasses, sticks and weeds to help stop the wildfires during the hot season. Burning cool fires protects the trees and their canopies so that they can provide shade, flowers, seeds and fruits for the season. Looking after Country with fire has been a part of Aboriginal culture for thousands of years and this knowledge is still passed on to the children today.

It's important that we learn to be friends with fire and understand that it helps us manage the land, rather than being afraid of it. That way we can happily look after Country together for generations to come.

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