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Is It Really Green?

Is It Really Green?

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Is It Really Green?: Everyday eco dilemmas answered by Georgina Wilson-Powell. Find clarity on everyday green-living dilemmas to maximise your sustainability. This books answers more than 140 questions with balance, detail, and scientific data - for sustainability tips that are inspiring, not preachy.


We all want to do the right thing for the planet, but in this complex and shifting landscape it can be difficult to work out which is the greenest way.

Are paper bags always more environmentally friendly than plastic?

How much better for the planet are electric cars?

And what saves more water - using the dishwasher or washing up by hand?

Looking at more than 140 everyday green-living questions, Is it Really Green? cuts through the confusion and lays out the facts. Get to the heart of each eco-conundrum, interrogate your instincts, and make informed decisions to reduce your ecological footprint.

224 pages, paperback, published on 16 March 2021 by Dorling Kindersley.

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