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GAIAM Flatband Loop Mobility & Movement

GAIAM Flatband Loop Mobility & Movement

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions
This Mobility & Movement Flatband Loop by GAIAM is ideal for physical therapy and general fitness. Great to support with joint stability and improving strength and range of motion. Includes digital workouts to support your fitness journey. A great addition to any workout routine!


A great tool for physical therapy, fitness and strength training.

This loop fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs for resistive hip, thigh and knee exercises - a great lower body workout.

Best for joint mobility, improving range of motion & gentle strengthening.

Ideal for rehab and light resistance with high repetitions.

Comes included with access to online workout.

Level of resistance: 1kg -3kg -light resistance

Great for any home workout. 

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Loop Band Measures 38cm Long x 10cm Wide

Made from

High grade Latex

Care & Use

Care Instructions:

Use product only as intended and demonstrated in the exercise guide

Avoid exposing Flatband Loop to rough, sharp or abrasive surfaces, or to heat or excessive sunlight

Dry Flatband with a towel after use

Store in a cool dry place

Circular life

Ask your local Council for recycling options.

Brand story
GAIAM is a lifestyle brand that offers products and services for yoga, fitness and wellness. GAIAM stands for "I am the Earth", a reflection of the company's vision to inspire people to live in harmony with nature and themselves. GAIAM's mission is to make yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all, regardless of skill level or background. GAIAM believes that by embracing our perfectly imperfect selves, we can transform our lives and the world we live in.
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