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Djeco Twisty Game

Djeco Twisty Game

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Want to teach your kiddo chess? Here's Twisty Game by Djeco. A game that will teach them the basic skills and foundations that will lead them towards mastery of chess. Designed to be educational as well as fun, this game is an award winner! Just a note that this item will take a few extra days to ship, and is not available to send Express.


A playful tactical game that teaches children the beginning skills to move on and master the game of chess.

Aim of the game: To be the first to collect 7 coloured tokens in a given order.

Suitable for ages 8+ years.

Great gift idea that encourages learning and play.

Winner of the 2019 Educa Flip Award. Awarded by education professionals during the FLIP Festival in Parthenay (France), the EducaFLIP prize identify games with a high educational potential that could be used in class or within the family. These games can be used in addition to traditional educational tools such as books, manuals or apps to develop skills in a playful way.

A Brisbane, Australia based company.

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Package Dimensions:
30cm L30cm H4cm W820 g

Product Dimensions:
30.4cm L28.4cm H4.4cm W

Ingredients / Materials

Cardboard / Paper / Wood

Care & Use

Players: 2-4 Players.
Time: 20 Minutes.

Players each receive 7 coloured tokens which they line up in front of them: this sequence determines the order in which each player has to collect the coloured tokens on the board. In turn, players make “L-shaped” moves on the board. If, at the end of a move, you land on a token that corresponds to the next colour in your sequence: you pick it up. If you land on a special token you can use its “power” (extra move, protection, etc.). If you land on a square occupied by an opponent you can steal one of the tokens he has already collected. The first player to collect the 7 coloured tokens wins the game.

Brand story
Djeco is a French company that creates beautiful and original toys, puzzles, art and craft activities and decor for children. Founded in 1954, Djeco has a team of passionate artists and designers who draw inspiration from the Seine river and the Parisian sky. Djeco's products are designed to stimulate creativity, imagination and learning through play. At Biome, we love Djeco's eco-friendly approach and their use of quality materials and natural colours. Discover our range of Djeco products and let your kids explore their artistic side.
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