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Casa Bonita Handcrafted Wooden Wheat Veneer Earrings

Casa Bonita Handcrafted Wooden Wheat Veneer Earrings

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  • Vegan
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A celebrate of ethical fashion and traditional crafts! These Handcrafted Wooden Wheat Veneer Earrings by Casa Bonita are beautifully made. Featuring a green and orange stripes on a gold plated stud, these earrings support artisans in regional Colombia to continue their traditions. A beautiful gift idea for someone special!


Handcrafted Wooden Wheat-Veneer Earrings.

Responsibly sourced from Colombian artisan and indigenous women-owned businesses.

These earrings are not just accessories, they are a testament to craftsmanship and responsible luxury.

Unique and individual - the craft and dedication shines through in every intricate detail.

Made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Origin: Nariño, South Colombia

Artisan: Giovanni Gomez. 

Ancient Craftsmanship, Contemporary Charm: Immerse yourself in the rich history of South Colombian craftsmanship. Master Artisan Giovanni applies naturally dyed wheat and barley chaff strips to wooden bases, blending traditional designs with contemporary styles. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, reflecting centuries of artistry.

Your purchase directly supports financial security for Artisans and Indigenous tribes, empowers women's economic independence, and encourages environmentally friendly business practices.

Due to the nature of handcrafted items - tones, colour and shape in each individual item may vary slightly.

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Made from

Wooden discs and columns, Wheat and barley chaff, Bronze 24K Colombian Gold plated post and stud.

Made in


Brand story
Discover the beauty and diversity of South American culture with Casa Bonita, a brand that showcases the passion, empowerment and sustainability of its artisans and indigenous women. Casa Bonita offers unique and high-quality products, such as woven baskets and bags made of Iraca Palm, colourful jewellery and accessories, that reflect the skills and traditions of the people who make them. By purchasing from Casa Bonita, you are supporting their livelihoods, dignity, creativity and pride. You are also contributing to the preservation of the environment, as Casa Bonita uses eco-friendly materials and practices. Founded by Liliana Bravo, a Colombian migrant woman who lives in Melbourne, Casa Bonita is a story of richness and resilience. Join us in celebrating South American women and their communities. Explore Casa Bonita today.
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