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Black Diamond Storm 500-R Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm 500-R Headlamp

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If you are looking for an extremely high quality headlamp, you have come to the right place. Black Diamond's Storm 500-R Headlamp is an ultra-bright, ultra-light, ultra-durable headlamp designed for the most adventurous among us. Fear no darkness or rain with all the performance and features you could possibly ask of a headlamp in a compact package.


  • 2400 mAh Li-ion battery rechargable via micro-USB port.
  • Max light output of 500 Lumens.
  • Repreve fiber headband made from recycled materials and providing exceptional comfort on the skin.
  • Waterproof rating of IP67. Tested to operate at least 1.0 meters underwater for 30 minutes.
  • Instantly transition between full and dimmed power with PowerTap™ Technology.
  • Turn the light on at the same brightness you turned it off with Brightness Memory. No need to revert back to the default setting.
  • Features proximity and distance modes (both full-strength), dimmed, strobe, red, green and blue night-vision and locked light modes.
  • Multifaceted optical efficiency lens technology allows for focussed or dispersed light.

you are making a difference:

  • Using a rechargable product to eliminate single-use batteries. See our Biolite solar panels for unlimited power from the sun!
  • Purchasing a high quality and durable product that will last a long time.
  • Choosing a product made from recycled materials to reduce the amount of new synthetics entering the cycle.

Care & Use

Usage specs:
- 100g on-head weight.
- 500 lumen max output.
- Maximum illumination distance on high: 120m.
- Maximum illumination distance on low: 12m.
- Battery life on high: 7hrs with 20hr reserve.
- Battery life on low: 350hrs.

Circular life

Ask your local Council for recycling options.

Brand story
Black Diamond are a mainstay in the world of camping & adventure gear. For years they have been innovating new ways to make their gear more efficient, powerful, compact and lightweight. The result? Some of the most practical outdoor gear on the planet. Forget fancy gimmicks that you'll never actually use... Black Diamond is here to save the day with simple, functional and durable camping accessories.
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