Green Living Guide

Your ultimate resource for every question you have about living more gently on our planet!

At Biome we encourage you to think about all the aspects of an item's production, use and disposal. Look under "Where to Start?" for plenty of topics to help you with this. Living more sustainably has a number of facets that are all inter-twined! Some people prioritise the environment, others the ethical and social aspects, and of course we are all concerned about the effect on our health from toxins and pollution. A more simple lifestyle that "gets back to basics" offers solutions that cut across all these areas.

Our guide

Our guide links you to many resources on the Biome website where you can read more about your topic of interest.


Where was the product made?

How was it made?

What ingredients are used and are they safe?

Who made it and how were the makers treated?

Is it Cruelty Free?

What impacts will its use create?

Is it Single-use or Reusable?

How long will it Last?

How will it be Disposed of at the end of its Life?


How do I reduce my Waste?

How do I Reduce My Plastic Use?

How do I Go Completely Zero Waste?

How do I Buy Groceries Plastic Free?

How do I Make my Bathroom Plastic Free?

How do I Make My Kitchen Plastic Free?

How do I Make My Laundry Plastic Free?

How do I Make My Home Greener?

How do I Eat More Sustainably

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How do I Eliminate Toxins in my Life?

How do I look after my children's welbeing?

How do I eat for my own Wellbeing?

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How do I Introduce Hemp into my Diet?

How do I Improve my Gut Health?


How do I Live Simply?

How do I Start Growing My Own Food?

How do I Travel Simply and Sustainably?

How do I Reduce my Consumption?

How do I Make my own Products?

What Products can I Make?

Easy first steps

Take small steps each day and the momentum will build.

  • Make it gradual: as things run out replace your conventional skin care or cleaning products with a natural alternative
  • Reduce what you send to landfill: focusing on this will guide so many choices (start composting, choose food with the least packaging, recycle, and consume less in the first place). See more about this with the 5 R's down below.
  • Gift eco: use gift occassions to show your love for the person and planet

The 5 R's of sustainability

We are so often asked, where do I start? The 5 R's are a great tool to help us be more mindful of our environmental impact and in particular to ultimately reduce the waste of resources and money (with credit to Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home). Whenever you choose to purchase or throw away something, apply the 5 R's to help you think through the impact of that item and where it will end up. Learn more about the 5 R's here.