Australia's greenest retail store

Eco-friendly from the recycled tyre floor to gas ceiling lights, Biome is now Australia’s greenest retail store with the opening of our Adelaide Street home in Brisbane’s CBD.

Showcasing the best of eco-innovation and sustainable style, our store is leading the way for retail stores to minimise their impact on the planet.

We're very proud that local Queensland companies provided much of the fit out with their responsible, people-safe products (read more below). Sourcing products locally reduces greenhouse gases generated by transportation and fosters community spirit.

Creating a toxin-free environment that is safe for our people was another important goal. Materials containing solvents, Volatile Organic Compounds, glycols, heavy metals and polyurethane were avoided to reduce off-gassing of toxic fumes into the future.

Biome knows that even more can be done, but we believe that every simple, sustainable choice we make will contribute to a tidal change.

Australia’s first recycled car tyre rubber and recycled wine cork floor

Invented and manufactured in Yatala (just outside Brisbane) by A1 Rubber, Biome is proud to be the first commercial installation of this innovative recycled flooring. The manufacturer takes 500 tonnes of car tyres each month plus wine corks from Girl Guides’ collections and reprocesses them into flooring.

Seamless resin floor awarded the Good Environmental Choice Label

Developed by Brisbane company, National Maintenance Products (NMP)—the first coating manufacturer in Australia to receive eco-certification—and manufactured in Acacia Ridge. NMP set out to develop an industrial grade coating with minimal impact on the environment and importantly, the people working with the product. NMP’s resin flooring is solvent-less, odourless and contains no toxic raw materials such as glycols, titanium dioxide, lead and cadmium normally used in coatings.

The world’s most energy efficient lighting – metal halide

The lighting in the Biome store achieves world’s best practice of 1.4 watts per 100 lux output*. Ambient lighting is provided by metal halide gas discharge lamps, which are more efficient than fluorescents and LED. Normally only seen in sporting areas and warehouses, metal halides are rarely used in retail and homes due to the high upfront capital cost.

Australian-made, zero VOC paint by Queensland company, Rockcote

Rockcote's EcoStyle paints are free from dangerous solvents and chemicals such as formaldehyde, glycol ethers, benzene or ammonia, while offering equal performance. With no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) the low odour paint does not release toxic fumes during or after application. Manufactured in Yandina, Sunshine Coast.

Shop fittings – new
Built from raw Australian plantation timber ply, coated with OIKOS non-toxic paint.

Ply was sourced from Australian plantation timber rather than South East Asian timber.

A clear wood finish from one of the world’s leading non-toxic paint companies, OIKOS, was used to highlight the natural wood.

Shop fittings – recycled

Pre-loved shop counter, vintage tables and other recycled fittings instead of resources spent on producing new ones.

Hemp fabrics

A raw hemp fabric curtain is used to create a minimalist changing room without the need to construct any walls.

Decorative fabric panels are made from a hemp-flax fabric.


Main signage was made from plantation ply painted with Rockcote eco paint, rather than petroleum-based synthetic materials. Other signage is created with the simplicity of chalk on the walls and fabric.

Green cleaning

Only natural, chemical-free cleaners and microfibre cloths are used to clean the store, reducing toxins.

Renewable energy

Biome subscribes to green energy from renewable sources.

"The efficiency of a light source is measured in lumens per watt- simplified, the luminous power measured in lumens divided by the electrical power measured in watts. The more lumens per watt, the better the light source in terms of energy efficiency.” Source: Treehugger

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