Founder Tracey Bailey

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

- Jane Goodall

Planet-saving choices you can trust

Our vision is to preserve a safe, healthy environment on this wonderous planet for now and for all who come after us. 

Since 2003, we’ve been obsessed with finding solutions to environmental challenges, scrutinising everything about the product to uncover any green-washing, hidden toxins or dubious ingredients.

Where ever you are on the journey, we’re here to help you make a confident decision that works for you.

Like you, we believe in the power of individual actions.  We’re standing up for your health and the natural world by fighting against waste, plastic pollution, toxins and climate change.

Our founder

Tracey Bailey created Biome in 2003 to empower others with the knowledge and access to carefully vetted choices that would make a difference.  It all started 20 years ago when Tracey visited the endangered orangutans in Indonesia and pledged to be part of the change!

Soon after opening the first Biome store in Paddington, Tracey’s mother developed an aggressive brain tumour. It was then she truly recognised the importance of avoiding the unsafe industrial chemicals that manufacturers hide from us.

Tracey loves to delve into the green-washing, such as her work on palm oil, and misleading claims around biodegradable plastics, bamboo fabric, and synthetic fragrances.

“Knowing I am part of the solution makes me feel happier.
That’s what motivates me every day.”

What we do

Biome store

"We are a business aspiring to do good, not what is easy or most profitable."

- Tracey Bailey

Today we operate our online store and six physical stores, employ 100 people, and provide a market for hundreds of ethical suppliers. We have also supported hundreds of community and environmental organisations.  And we tell their stories, so you can get to know them.

Biome has pioneered many of the concepts that now seem mainstream.  In 2003, we were the first to introduce online in Australia the concept of a ‘reusable water bottle’ (at the time the world was in love with the new idea of water in throwaway plastic bottles!), shampoo bars, and clean beauty.  Over the years, we have shone the light for Bokashi composting, reusable coffee cups, straws, and plastic free alternatives such as wire pegs.

True to our mission, we launched Australia’s first Naked Beauty Bar to empower our community to save plastic waste and resources by learning to make their own body care and cleaning products, along with workshops on sustainable living. 

We are on a journey too – for us it’s about progress not perfection.

What we live by

These values guide all that we do for you and the planet, and how our team works together.   

We act with:


We are:

Ground breaking
Friendly & Supportive

Our value of being ground breaking has seen us become Australia’s first B Corp certified retailer and the first Palm Oil Investigations certified palm oil free retail store.

Banned ingredients

There’s a thing about products that are safer for the environment, they’re better for your wellbeing too.

We vet 1000’s of products every year against our strict standards, in particular our “Dirty 30” list of banned ingredients, and truth in labelling. 

All skin care and beauty products at Biome are 100% cruelty free, palm oil free, and free from synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, and fragrances.

We also care about the people who make our products and grow the ingredients.

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Walk the talk

These aren’t sustainable ‘initiatives’ for us – these are our DNA and just what we do.  We're proud to:

  • Ship your parcel without plastic and using re-used materials.
  • Donate to Greening Australia’s ReefAid program to offset the environmental impact of shipping.

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Our impact

Biome plastic free

More than seven million single use plastic items saved in one year!

We've seen the power of individual actions to save the planet.  Each year, our community saves the waste of more than 7 million single use plastic items!  See what we achieved in 12 months here.

And because all our our store is uniquely free from palm oil, all products at Biome are truly cruelty free and fighting against the global warming caused by the palm oil industry.

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Company Info: Biome Living Pty Ltd, ABN 61106871434 Directors: Tracey Bailey, Robin Bailey