Right at the heart of Pala, is their desire and willingness to make change. Founder of Pala, John Pritchard established an eyewear brand built on keeping their impact on the planet low, and their impact on people high. In his early twenties, John was fortunate enough to travel to numerous countries across Africa. The people he met, and the beauty of the landscape never left him, he says. There are 1.2 billion people worldwide with poor vision simply because they are unable to receive basic surgery or access glasses, and Africa has 73% more visually impaired people than any other region in the world. Yet a pair of glasses is recognised as the number one tool to fight poverty – it empowers the wearer by enabling them to read, learn and work. He knew that something more could be done; that's why John founded Pala as a purpose-driven brand. Pala gets to deliver lasting change, empowerment and opportunity through funding eyecare projects across Africa whilst creating sustainable sunglasses to help you get the best out of the natural world. Why not create kind-to-the-planet sunglasses, that give back through eye care projects? Joining the dots and helping others to see. Designed for those who acknowledge the need for a better future, appreciate the world we live in and embrace the adventure of exploring. 

“By designing long-lasting eyewear whilst creating tangible change, we walk the talk of a sustainable fashion future putting people and the planet before profits.” - John Pritchard, founder Pala Eyewear.

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