NOE (Natural Organic Ethical)

NOE started with a random conversation at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2018. Two strangers met, instantly connected, and one of the things that blossomed was the discussion about how to make a positive environmental impact on the products we buy every day. Todd and Elisabeth have been inseparable since. They thought "Wouldn’t it be great if there were more options for conscious individuals to be better consumers? How can we eliminate plastic packaging from personal care products and remove plastic from the ocean?" When Todd fell in love with Australia and Elisabeth, he decided to bring his over 10 years of expertise in developing natural personal care products to The Land Down Under. His concern and care for the environment resonated with Elisabeth’s love for nature and Todd. Their healthy lifestyle and consumer ethics inspired the concept of NOE, short for Natural, Organic, Ethical. Partnering with local Australian Businesses and creating a community of conscious consumers, they create and sell plastic-free products and remove 1kg of plastic from the ocean for each product sold.

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