Natural Evolution

Biome is proud to support the Natural Evolution range made by a dedicated and innovative Queensland farming family to save the waste of wonky bananas!

Fed up with disposing of tonnes of beautiful Lady Fingers that they had poured so much energy and resources into growing just because they were too big or mishapen for the supermarket giants, North Queensland banana farmer, Rob Watkins came up with an ingenious solution. His green bananas that were unsuitable for supermarket cosmetic guidlines were perfectly good for eating and packed full of nutrients. Every week the local wallabies would flock to east as many green Lady Fingers as their tummies could handle along with cattle breaking fences to get at them.

In 2010 Rob accidentally drove over a hand of lady fingers on the bitumen and what he saw in the sun rays was like dust something he later named 'diamond dust' due the difficultly in producing this superfood. This drove him to research whether this could be a flour? After suffering mild coeliac symptoms for years Rob knew of the need for good quality gluten free flour and he began producing green banana flour.

Demand for the product is not only due to it being gluten free but also because it is one of the highest resistant starch food sources in the world. What began as a use for tonnes of wasted bananas has evolved into a new market for all growers and not just for their waste. Growers finally have another marketplace for their produce and the potential to earn more for their higher grades of bananas.

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