In 2004, on his first trip to Indonesia, founder Kyle Parsons flip flop broke. He wanted something truly unique to Bali and had a pair of authentic Balinese sandals made for himself with tyres as the soles. As Kyle started to do some research, he realised the ever-growing trash problem and wanted to make a change. He came up with one solution to the problem: Using sandals as the new vehicle for this used tire material. Indosole was born.

Each year 1.5 billion tyres are being discarded worldwide. At Indosole they have found a better use for these tyres and have prevented over 100,000 tyres from landfills and given them new life as soles for footwear. Using artisanal methods, they developed a unique upcycling process and each pair is handmade with the traditional methods of making footwear.

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