All Gilly's products stocked at Biome contain no petrochemicals.  They are made from plant oils, a natural solvent made from crushed orange peels, and some have beeswax.

Do I need an oil or a wax?

Oiling is the easy go-to, particularly if you don't require any sort of sheen or mechanical protection. Oiling moisturises the timber to stop cracking and warping. It is brilliant for wooden and bamboo chopping boards and grazing platters, or rougher timber as waxes tend to get caught in rogue fibres.   

Use Liquid Beeswax (a rich blend of plant based oils, citrus solvent and beeswax with a subtle citrus aroma), or the vegan Chopping board oil

Waxing is a more involved process, that gives an extra layer of protection to seal in the nourishing oils. First you oil to hydrate, allowing the wood to dry thoroughly, and then apply fine layers of the Food Safe Wax buffing and drying in between.

Use the two step process of oiling then waxing, to nourish and protect wooden and bamboo cleaning brushes and children's toys.

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