Stainless Steel Hook Pegs Medium Grade 304 (Pack of 20)

Quality stainless steel wire pegs that will last a lifetime. Made from one piece of wire so they will never break. This steel will take more weathering due to its high nickel and low carbon content. Has hook on one handle, for greater choice in placement and use. 20 in a bag. Grade 304 Stainless Steel.

Wire of 2mm wire diameter.  10cm long with hook. 304 grade only.

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Here's a guide to choosing the best grade of stainless steel peg for you:

Standard 201 grade stainless steel pegs: if you tend to bring your pegs inside or live far away from any salt, or want them for indoor use, you would be fine with the 201 grade.  Not suitable for anywhere near the ocean / salty air, unless you are bringing them inside and rinsing occasionally.

304 grade: the current grade you are looking at. OK to leave on the line if you live no where near salt!  If you have salty breeze, do not leave them on the line as they will be constantly hit by salty air.  They should be ok outside if left in a bucket with holes in the bottom - that way the rain will wash the pegs, and, being inside the bucket they are sheltered from gathering salt from the wind. For best care, bring the pegs inside.

Marine 316 grade wire pegs: Will last a lifetime. The best choice if you live near the ocean and want to leave your pegs outside. They will never ever rust and are perfect for boats or coastal use.

And, you can buy individually our super strong and large peg here >

you are making a difference:

  • Plastic free laundry solution.
  • Completely zero-waste - steel peg can be recycled, and hemp carry bag can be composted.
  • Designed in Australia, supporting local business.


  • Strong stainless-steel peg made out of one piece of wire - no breaking or falling apart.
  • Lasts ages, so a great investment and value-for-money.
  • Resistent to weathering and rusting (depending on steel grade).
  • Comes in handy, double-drawstring hemp bag.
  • Peg has hook coming off one of the handles - good for clipping up light items where clothes' line isn't available (can hook pegs on side of table, a small pipe, etc). 
  • Can clip peg upside down to something, and use the hook to hang something light.
  • Also great as paper clips, for bunting, in the garden, and as a gift!

materials & dimensions:

100% "Salty" or 304-Grade Stainless Steel Wire. 20 pegs in a bag.

10cm long, 2mm wire diameter.

Designed in Australia. Made in China.

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By on 07 June 2019 (Stainless Steel Hook Pegs Medium Grade 304 (Pack of 20)) :

No more dead plastic pegs

I've just received my second purchase of these, not because they wear out but because they're brilliant and I need more!

This will see us finally having replaced all the plastic pegs that perish and snap and the timber pegs that while eco-friendly, I find leave marks on the washing sometimes and still eventually fall apart.

I've had the medium grade stainless steel pegs on the clothesline for about 7 months now in all weather including snow and frost - we don't live near the coast so I don't bother taking them off, they just live on the line. No rust, none have bent or broken and they are strong! (We got the windy weather ones but just received 2 of the basic model in the June biome box and they also feel very sturdy).

They're a bit of an investment but I expect they'll live forever, & I don't have to pick bits of plastic pegs out of the garden (obviously better for the environment also).

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