Metal Pegs Stay On In Wild Storm Winds!

During the recent huge "tornado" like winds experienced in South East Queensland, @kimberleyxduncan captured this incredible footage of her washing staying ON the line, thanks to the firm grip of Biome's metal Wire Pegs!  Not to mention, the incredible Hills Hoist washing line - another brilliant Australian invention that in its day was also built to last forever!

The storms were devastating and our thoughts are with everyone affected.  These extreme weather events are unfortunately becoming more frequent across our climate change-impacted world. Kimberley and her family are safe and woke up to find the washing all still on the line, except for some underwear.


More than six years ago, Biome was one of the very first stockists of these pegs that were introduced to Australia by the original Wire Peg man.

We immediately saw the potential in these brilliant pegs made from one piece of stainless steel wire so they never break.  An incredible solution that avoids the waste from plastic pegs deteriorating and breaking all the time.

Since then, many have copied the pegs, but we can vouch for the quality of the Wire Pegs we sell.   

What is different about Biome's metal pegs

Despite what many think, stainless steel IS susceptible to rusting and tarnishing.  Stainless steel is made from iron and carbon with the addition of Chromium and other alloying elements such as Nickel to create a corrosion-resistant product.  However, Chromium and Nickel are expensive, so manufacturers reduce the percentage to make a cheaper product.

Most of the pegs sold at the mainstream retailers for cheap prices are not the same last for life quality as Biome's pegs

  • the wire is more thin, so not as firm grip
  • they are not as good quality stainless steel and they will rust.  No one wants rust marks on their washing!

At Biome you can choose from three grades of stainless steel (201, 304 or 316) that are tested to be certain they are the claimed grade of steel.  Some of the brands sell so called "marine grade" but when tested it is not.

If you live anywhere the ocean or salty conditions, or leave your pegs outside all the time, we recommend the 316 marine grade stainless steel.

We also sell several styles to suit different needs:

  • the standard peg - the perfect size for 99% of laundry
  • the "windy" - a slightly thicker wire that has a stronger grip
  • the "easy squeeze" - for those with dexterity challenges, needing an easier to squeeze.
  • the largest peg - as the name suggests, our largest peg suitable for pillows and thick items

Even though the pegs gripped on so hard during the tornado-like winds, they are still easy to squeeze to clip on.

Another question we are often asked, is "do they get hot in the sun"?  And, they do not.  Due to the thin wire, they do not hold heat.

Find Wire Pegs online here at Biome and in our physical stores in Brisbane, Southport and Melbourne. 

 If you have any questions about the pegs, please jump on Live Chat and we will answer!


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