Meet the Maker: Tracey Duggan of Clean Conscience

Tracey Duggan is the founder, creator and maker of Clean Conscience, an eco-exceptional range of cleaning products made in Tasmania.

Above: Tracey's thriving herb garden in southern Tasmania; and Tracey taking a break with her pooch, Smokey As a career fire fighter, Tracey witnessed the effects of toxic chemical cleaners on the environment. Her awareness, coupled with her ongoing allergic reactions to chemical based cleaners, led her to develop a range based on tried and true traditional formulas. Her commitment to produce what we believe to be the most environmentally aware cleaning products in Australia is noteworthy. The products are made in southern Tasmania, from as many locally sourced, sustainable ingredients as possible - in fact, soap nuts are the only ingredient not from Australia. And her quest to eliminate palm oil, led to the first ever 100% palm oil free laundry powder in the world! All this, plus the products are such a pleasure to use. We have had many chats to Tracey about the range and wanted you to know more too, so we asked her 5 questions. 1. What inspired you to create the Clean Conscience range? Suffering allergies and sensitivity to chemicals forced lifestyle changes and the search for natural alternatives. I became especially sensitive to cleaning products, even some labelled as natural. Inspiration came with memories of my late grandmother. I remember the small box of bi-carb soda in every room of her home, a half cut lemon, bottle of vinegar and eucalyptus oil always nearby. Her home was always fresh and clean and for me it was a haven. My gran was beautiful and wise and like so many others of her era, was happy with the simple things in life. This is what Clean Conscience is all about – getting back to basics and simplicity. 2. What are some of the challenges and obstacles in creating the range? Sourcing ethical and 100% Australian ingredients for our product range whilst striving to be cost effective is an ongoing challenge. We love to support local business and Australian producers. The only ingredient we cannot source from Australia is the soap nut used in our laundry powder. This is certified organic and fair trade sourced from India. In 2009 whilst attending an expo I learned of the issues surrounding the use of palm oil. All of our products at this time had palm oil in their formulas. This discovery made such an impact I made the immediate decision to find a palm oil alternative. Research of sustainable palm oil revealed an unreliable certification system and for us this was not an option. Making the change to palm oil free ingredients became quite an inspirational and educational journey. My reward was the discovery of the wonderful cleaning abilities of soap nuts and our creation of the first ever 100% palm oil free laundry powder worldwide. All challenges present opportunities to learn. The valuable lesson for me out of this was to be more diligent and research every ingredient thoroughly. As manufacturers we all have a responsibility to understand the environmental and social impact of ingredients we choose to use. 3. What is some of your favourite feedback about the products? I receive many emails from those suffering allergies or skin conditions who are delighted to have found a product they can use without any reactions. I also love to receive thank you correspondence from mums who are extremely grateful to be able to use a product that is safe around their children. Another common feedback we receive is how long our products last. Especially our laundry powder which is so concentrated you only need a very small amount making it one of the cheapest laundry powders per wash on the market. All of our customers comment on the beautiful fresh smell of Clean Conscience products. We only use pure essential oils and some say it feels like an aromatherapy session whilst cleaning! 4. What is your favourite product or products to use from the range (and why)? I love versatility, products that have multiple uses, which most of our products are designed for. One of my favourites would be creamy cleanser. It just cleans so well on all surfaces and can be used in the bath, shower, toilet, sink, stove...everywhere. You can even use it as a light scrub on your hands and body! I also love our laundry powder - maybe because I put my heart and soul into making it right. Our laundry powder is truly the most eco, ethical and cost effective on the market. I love the beige colour as I believe this reinforces the earthy naturalness of the product. Laundry powder is our best selling product and I am immensely proud of it. 5. What is your favourite local nature spot? I feel so fortunate to live in Tasmania. Only a short drive will find you on a beautiful deserted beach or lush rain forest. I feel blessed to live on three acres overlooking a beautiful beach where nature and peace are a part of life. My very favourite spot is my vegie patch. I love to grow and harvest my own fresh organic vegies and then plan a meal from what I have on hand. My vegie patch brings me food, solace and so much more. Save
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