Make Your Own Hair Detangler For Kids

DIY hair detangler for kids Did you know you can make your own hair detangler for kids (and adults!), in just a few minutes using simple, natural ingredients. Washing and brushing kids' long hair can be frustrating. When cutting is just not an option, this gentle and moisturising hair detangler can be used everyday, to help unravel knots and snarls. We recommend spraying it on after hair washing, swimming and after school, as it will help control knotted hair and hopefully make brushing a breeze. Glycerine (palm oil free, of course) works as a softening hair conditioner. Jojoba Oil is incredibly moisturising and aids in healthy hair growth. It also softens hair, conditions, and protects from daily damage. Shea Oil helps to replenish dry, dull hair, and adds shine to every lock. Also helps to tame wild, unruly hair and make it easy to manage. Lavender Oil is both softening and moisturising, and has a lovely calming scent. All together, these ingredients create a hair detangler that will soften hair and make it easy to unknot, with either fingers, a wide tooth comb or a 100% plastic free bamboo detangling brush. Like all of our DIY recipes, we tried it out and below is the before and after. We love how soft and nourished it left the hair feeling. DIY hair detangler for kids


DIY hair detangler for kids


How To Make Your Own Hair Detangler



  1. Add the glycerine, jojoba and shea oils into a glass jug and mix. Add the tablespoon of hot water and stir until all combined.
  2. Add the lavender essential oil and mix again.
  3. Pour into the trigger bottle and top with distilled water. Use a funnel for ease.
  4. Shake well.

How To Use

Shake hair detangler well before each use. Lightly spray onto damp or dry hair and let it sit for a few minutes to soak in and work its magic. Then gently comb through, using your fingers first to separate strands, then with a wide tooth comb to get out all the tangles.

This hair detangler can be used by adults too. A light spritz throughout the day keeps hair healthy, soft and shiny.

Use daily for best results. Use within 9 months of making. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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