Australian wildlife in tea pots: the work of Renée Treml

Renée Treml has gained a loyal following for her cute-as-a-button wildlife artworks. When you spy her brooches, prints and cards, you'll see why we instantly fell for her beautiful pieces, gathered our composure, checked the eco credentials (they're good) and gave them a special spot on our shelves. Above: Renée Treml tired wombat with two galahs print Renée creates stunning illustrations primarily inspired by Australian birds and animals, using inks and clay board in her studio. She seeks to capture not-so-obvious details, the weave in a bird's nest or a tired expression on a wombat, in her works. Above: Renée Treml bilby brooch; Renée Treml nesting leaves brooch. The creatures in Renée's drawings are most often peacefully resting, like the little bilby curled up with it's tail or a tawny frogmouth perched in a teapot, giving her work a sleepy, cosy, immediately reassuring quality. By placing native wildlife in the unlikely situation of napping in a tea cup or pot, she highlights habitat loss and relocation. It aims to subtly ask the question, where will our wildlife go when there are no more trees? Above: Renée Treml nested frogmouth print In addition to giving an environmental message, Renée utilises eco-friendly practices wherever possible in her works. Her limited edition prints are made with environmentally sustainable fine art paper, packaged in a clear cello bag with unbleached paperboard backing. Brooches are individually handmade, signed, dated and packaged on recycled cardstock. They feature quality “snag-free” silver-plated bar pins attached using a strong eco-friendly adhesive. If you loved the above, be sure to see our full range of Renée Treml. They are a beautiful gift for any wildlife lover. Images courtesy of Renée Treml and can not be copied without permission.
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