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Teshani McManus, the powerhouse behind Luna + Sun, was not always ethically and sustainably minded. After undertaking a fashion and sustainability course and watching the documentary, The True Cost, Teshani began to feel uncomfortable wearing clothes made in circumstances where another person was exploited.
“I felt ashamed I had supported labels that paid their workers very low wages while subjecting them to poor, often illegal, conditions,” recalls Teshani.
The more Teshani learnt about the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry the more it motivated her to start her own ethical and sustainable label. In October 2019 Teshani launched Luna + Sun, a collection of wraps dresses, skirts, shirts and jumpsuits made with the highest ethical and sustainable standards. Teshani's vision for Luna + Sun is to be one of the most eco-friendly and transparent fashion labels in Australia. From the fabric and stitching to the clothing labels and hanging ribbons, Teshani has accounted for every detail to ensure Luna + Sun garments align with the highest sustainable values.
“Sadly, mass production has created an insatiable appetite for more. Slow fashion is all about making educated and informed decisions. When it comes to making choices about what goes into your wardrobe, less really is more,” she says.
All Luna + Sun garments are made using natural plant-based fabrics which comply with the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®. This certifies that the products are free from hazardous substances such as toxic dyes and carcinogens which ensures the textiles are safe for people and the environment. The clothing labels are made from organic cotton, the hanging ribbons are linen, and the swing tags are made from recycled paper. To minimise fabric waste, Teshani works with her patternmaker to arrange the patterns in a way that best utilises the available fabric. All excess fabric is then made into garment bags for packaging.
“Like many women, I absolutely love fashion and I know the clothes we wear each day can play a big part in the way we feel about ourselves. I also strongly believe that we can achieve this without harming the environment, people and animals and without compromising the quality of our garments,” she says.
When founding Luna + Sun, Teshani was also conscious of the 40 million garment makers in the world today who commonly are exploited for cheap labour and have had their human rights violated. All Luna + Sun garments are manufactured in Brisbane by an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited manufacturer. Luna + Sun is also an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited label. This accreditation ensures workers are paid appropriately, receive their minimum legal entitlements and are working in safe conditions throughout the entire supply chain. Shop Luna + Sun range here >
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