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Fair Trade is about decent working conditions, better prices, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices, Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

1. Hessian Sack with tassels - A rustic handcrafted hessian sack that is great for storage, decorating, craft projects and more. Beautifully crafted with contemporary fabric on the outside and natural hessian inside, finished with jute tassels. Made fairly in Bangladesh by skilled artisans.

2. Hurraw lip balms - are a heavenly, super smooth blend of premium raw, certified organic ingredients. Individually poured. Fair trade and certified vegan.

3. Inkkas vegan shoes - beautiful, unique shoes handcrafted by local artisans in Peru using authentic South American textiles. Inkkas believes in making a high-quality, handmade product at an affordable price. As part of Inkkas OneShoeOneTreeproject, the Inkkas company is helping to repopulate the world's forests by planting a new tree for every pair of shoes they sell.

4. Under the Nile organic cotton baby toys - A gorgeous, super soft plush doll made from 100% GOTS certified organic egyptian cotton. Seahorses' extraordinary looks and surprising behavior have earned them mythical stature. Sadly, their population numbers are plummeting due to harvesting and habitat destruction.

5. Glass metal hanging photo frame - hand made with glass panels and metal. Clear glass on both sides increases the visibile space making it ideal for photos, keepsakes and artwork. Strung with a recycled sari tie. Nkuku combine contemporary designs with age-old techniques, natural materials and sustainable methods of production to ensure each piece is truly exceptional.

6. Gypsy tea - acai berry- A certified organic, fair trade and kosher blend of caffeine-free rooibos tea with acai berry and citrus. Prized for its health benefits, lush Brazilian acai berry is blended with antioxidant rich South African roobios and enriched with the bright lively notes of lemon grass, mandarin orange and juicy peach. Hibiscus flowers from Egypt produce a naturally sweet and satisfying cup abundant in health promoting properties.

7. Pana chocolate - A decadent vegan treat with a minimum of 60% cacao and a superfood boost of coconut flakes and goji berries. Pana chocolate is handmade from 100% natural, organic and raw ingredients with 100% pure essential oils. A decadent vegan treat packed with healthy antioxidants.

8. Lacware wooden toys- Beautifully glossy & vibrant colors, all hand lacquered in wood is Fairtrade & handmade using ancient lac ware techniques.

9. Chicza organic chewing gum - contains all natural organic ingredients and is tasty, chewy and biodegradable - an excellent alternative to artificial gum. Made with chicle, a natural biodegradable tree sap extracted sustainably from the Chicozapote trees native to Mexico.

10. Jute carry bag - handmade from sustainable jute with strong handles and a vibrant green diamond design. Natural, biodegradable and fair-trade.

11. Sisal dry body brush - made with fine sisal plant bristles that are cut with a curved finish to massage the skin while providing a moderate level of firmness. All our natural body brushes are vegan, use FSC certified timber, have not been chemically treated and are responsibly made under fair trade conditions and comply with the highest environmental and hygienic standards.


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