After 16 Years We're Saying Goodbye to Our City Store

Biome eco store in Brisbane closing

Biome founder, Tracey, pictured in our original city store.

Sadly, we will be closing our Brisbane city store at the end of July 2023. For 16 years, we have connected with thousands of like-minded customers who share our vision of a more sustainable world.

We are so grateful for your support and friendship over the years.

The Biome store was truly a calm haven in the busy CBD and a community hub where people met up with friends, or came in for a chat during their lunch break.  We have great memories of the times the store was buzzing with customers, lines from the counter to the front door, and people chatting to share their eco living tips.  We often hear we are the most interesting store in the city and the reason many make the trip in! 

Brisbane City will lose a unique sustainable business that contributed to its liveability and green reputation.

I am heavy-hearted that this has to happen, but we have dealt with a lot since Covid began.  And we are not alone of course, with many other small businesses closing.

Why the store is closing

Way back in 2007, we were proud to open the first eco store in a Central Business District location in Australia, and quite possibly the world.  It was a big thing to pay premium CBD rents, but I believed that we could make sustainable consumerism work.

The community in the city responded enthusiastically to our environmentally and socially responsible choices, and our team's exceptional service.

After six years opposite Anzac Square we moved due to a redevelopment. Our new home at 33 Adelaide Street did us well until the pandemic in 2020.  Now, unfortunately, with so many people still working from home, our lower sales just can't cover the rent we pay.

Along with 50 per cent less foot traffic past our doors than it was in 2019 pre-Covid (huge change, right?), the economic downturn is also affecting us. We tried to negotiate a fairer rent with the landlord, but they were unwilling.

We know our wonderful city customers will miss our natural, palm oil-free body and home essentials, reusables, gifts, and delicious afternoon snacks!  And we will miss you! The store is also a popular destination for tourists.

For our suppliers, many of them small Australian businesses, it will be another blow.

What we're proud of

  • Over 16 years in the city, our team has worked hard for our range to be innovative and affordable.  We're a business for purpose that provides a marketplace for mostly small entrepreneurs with mindful products. That means that we operate with slim margins to cover our costs.  
  • Together with you, we led the way on living with less waste and less toxins, and created a ripple effect of actions well beyond our shopping baskets.
  • We saved the waste of millions of disposable plastic items, replacing them with reusable coffee cups, water bottles, shopping bags, food wraps, straws and more. 
  • We've helped people turn waste into compost at home with Bokashi, saving masses of greenhouse gases that would have been created in landfill.
  • Our free recycling service handled many cubic metres of hard to recycle items such as toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, beauty packaging, blister packs, bread tags and more.

 Recycling station in Biome city store

What will happen to the team?

Our very capable and experienced city team are precious to us.  Some of you may know lovely Tiffany, who actually started working with me back in 2006 at our Paddington store.  There are opportunities for them at our other locations.

I'm sure they will be pleased to chat with you in store.

Awesome team of people in the city store

Biome City team 

How you can support us

Please visit the city store soon and stock up on all your favourites. 

And please, keep shopping at our Paddington, Indooroopilly, Southport and Burwood locations, and online, as they are all suffering low sales.

We'd love your feedback and ideas using the form below.

We look forward to seeing you soon and continuing to help you live more sustainably.

- Tracey x


Biome City Sustainable Store

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