How to make a natural homemade mouthwash with Biome

Perhaps you're researching natural mouthwash because you saw the term splashed across a label at the supermarket, or maybe you heard it in passing. Well, here is a rundown of what it is, the ingredients we use, and a little recipe that is great for bad breath, oral hygiene, avoiding tooth decay, and a few ingredients to include in your remedy that won't negatively impact the environment. Let's get into how to make a natural homemade mouthwash!

What is a natural mouthwash?

Natural mouth wash is an alternate solution to commercial recipes that commonly mix alcohols, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), triclosan, sodium benzoate, methyl paraben, and ethyl paraben. These ingredients could cause serious long-term implications, including liver failure, which can result in a lot of severe medical complications. The big front and centre brands that you commonly see on the shelves at the local supermarket use these ingredients as they provide significant profit margins and contribute to longer shelf life.

Why should you use natural mouthwash?

1. Controlled ingredients

DIY natural mouth wash isn't a cheaper option, but you can rest assured that you know exactly what's going into the bottle (and into your mouth). As mentioned above, avoiding harmful toxins and parabens can reduce the risk of health issues later down the track.

2. For sensitive mouths

The harsh nature of the ingredients used in a lot of oral hygiene products these days can cause aches and pains for those suffering from oral sensitivity due to medications or decay. A natural mouth wash will provide a softer experience due to the quality and purity of the ingredients used in the wash.

3. It's tasty!

Most people associate mouth wash with being overly minty, alcoholic, and just being overall quite sterile in the mouth to the point where it feels like your taste buds are burning off! But you can use natural ingredients (like the ones we're about the share), for a better physical result and an even better taste!

4. It's great for you

Natural mouth wash products have natural anti-bacterial properties. Most companies that use ‘lab ingredients' adopt Triclosan as their anti-bacterial agent. But recent studies have shown the connection between Triclosan decreasing the impact of antibiotics.

5. You can have fun with it!

Have fun with altering ingredients (without being a mad scientist) and even get the kids or friends involved and make a Sunday afternoon of it.

How to Make Natural Homemade Mouthwash - the Recipe

Below, we outline the benefits of the particular ingredients we use in our natural mouthwash. Bi-Carb is antiseptic, antifungal, and a natural deodoriser, so it keeps your mouth clean and breath fresh. Tasmanian Sea Salt has a high mineral content that helps remove toxins from your mouth. Peppermint Essential Oil has powerful antiseptic and astringent properties – it will thoroughly clean and may prevent infection in your mouth. It will also leave breath minty-fresh. Thyme Essential Oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic, naturally cleaning and detoxifying inside your mouth.


  • ½ cup filtered or distilled water
  • 1 tsp Bi-Carb
  • ½ tsp Tasmanian Sea Salt
  • 2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Thyme Essential Oil


Put all ingredients into a small glass bottle and shake until the ingredients are well combined. We recommend using a recycled bottle, that way you're doubling up on doing your part for Mother Nature. If you don't have any suitable glass bottles, we have some recyclable products for storing mouthwash here. The Kilner Clip Top Preserve Bottle is reusable instead of disposable and is made from non-toxic glass - an impermeable, non-porous and infinitely recyclable material completely free of harmful chemicals.

How to use your natural homemade mouthwash

It's as simple as it should be - use as you would typically: gargle, swish, then rinse… Do not swallow. Be sure to keep out of sunlight and use it within 3 months.

Alternatives to cleaner living - with Biome

We hope this little bundle of best practices, wholesome ingredients, and insights on how to make natural homemade mouthwash has enlightened you to venture into a cleaner alternative when it comes to handling oral care. If you decide that you can't be bothered sourcing the ingredients and spending an hour or so mixing it up but you still really want to experience the natural way, we have a collection of Natural Mouthwash, Toothpastes, and Tooth Brushes available at Biome. See the Collection here.

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