I want to… switch from plastic dish cloths and brushes to an eco alternative

So you want to make the switch from throwaway plastic dish cloths and brushes to an eco friendly alternative? Good for you! It's so easy. Keep reading for suggested swaps. Plastic dish brushes degrade each time you use them, polluting our waterways with micro-plastics. Dish brushes made from natural fibres are an excellent and safe alternative which can actually be composted at the end of their life. Our favourite choices for pots and pans that need a bit of a scrub are the Redecker dish brush (replacement heads are also available) and the pot scrubbing brush and castile soap bar set. [pswp_products ids="20463,9749"] Safix coconut fibre scrub pads are another top choice. Here's what a recent happy customer had to say: "I repeatedly purchase this awesome product... it's biodegradable, compostable and does not build up bacteria, it dries quickly. I cut mine in half so it lasts me even longer. Eventually as it gets older it drops bits off which I pop into y composter!" - Sally And when it comes to wiping benches and spills, our absorbent Swedish dish sponges are the perfect alternative to synthetic Chux style cloths. Made from sustainably sourced cellulose fibres, they can be washed and reused, before being composted at the end of their life. [pswp_products ids="31929,15132"] CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY... BACK TO > Just Switch 3 Logo   See more natural fibre dish brushes and sponges here >
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