Reusable cups

Australians use approximately 500 million disposable coffee cups a year! Wow!

Here at Biome, we have Australia's best range of reusable coffee cups, including reusable glass cups, insulated cups, BPA free plastic cups, ceramic cups in a range of sizes and styles. Choose from popular brands such as KeepCup, Joco Cups, Klean Kanteen, Robert GordonrCup and Sol Cup. Biome has a complete range of reusable cups to help save waste from landfill. 

Did you know that most disposable paper cups cannot be recycled?  Most disposable paper cups are made from bleached paper sprayed with a polyethylene coating, and impregnated with toxic dyes which mean they can not be recycled. Some locations do recycle these cups now, which is great, but we believe a reusable cup is the best choice.