Sustainability in Action

Here's how we put sustainability into action to deliver a world of good to you in-store and direct to your door.

Sustainable orders


We recycle unusable cardboard boxes for void fill and use paper packaging tape to seal boxes.


As you can imagine, we have never offered plastic shopping bags in our stores. We even run a “bag deposit scheme” of sorts, where you can bring paper shopping bags with handles in to store and we give you 20 cents for each one. We reuse your donated bags for other customers!


We offset the environmental impact of shipping your online parcels by donating to Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program. Keeping plastics out of our oceans is a big part of what we do, so we feel it is appropriate to help the Great Barrier Reef. Our donation enables Reef Aid to restore coastal wetlands to reduce sediment and improve water quality which strengthens the resilience of coral to recover from damage caused by global warming.

Sustainable product solutions


We go above and beyond to source the most sustainable, toxin free products for you. This includes products with minimal or no packaging, or at the very least recyclable or compostable packaging. Before we offer a product to you, we verify all claims and review the complete story of the product and its impacts to ensure we're offing the most sustainable solution. Read more about our strict standards here >


Like you, we believe in buying once for life. It's the best way to reduce waste and minimise your environmental footprint. We are obsessed with finding lifetime solutions for the everyday products you use like stainless steel pegs and safety razors. We also offer replacement parts for the products we sell wherever available. This is how, together with your, we can keep products in use and out of landfill for as long as possible.


All products stocked at Biome are 100% palm oil free and do not contribute to the environmental destruction caused by the palm oil industry. This is extremely uncommon. Unfortunately, most natural and ethical product retailers and brands do offer products that contain palm oil. Read about our stance on palm oil here >


We're committed to finding unique ways to reduce waste at the source. In 2016, we turned our attention to solving the waste generated by the packaging of natural beauty products that cannot be recycled. We developed a solution to champion truly sustainable skin care with Australia's first zero waste beauty bar, The Naked Beauty Bar, which offers all the education and ingredients you need to make natural skin care. We also work with suppliers to offer bulk and refill options for products like deodorant and laundry liquid to reduce container waste. Find raw natural ingredients and DIY skin care recipes here >

Conscious stores


We are committed to helping you reduce your environmental impact as much as possible and have partnered with Terracycle to provide extensive recycling options for hard to recycle items such as pens and toothpaste tubes. Find out what you can recycle with us here >


We have an extensive recycling and reuse policy at all Biome locations which include paper, and cardboard, soft plastics, printer cartridges, shipping label backings and even composting staff kitchen waste. Our online warehouse reuses all cardboard and paper packaging for orders. We also ask suppliers to avoid using plastic packaging in deliveries to us to reduce unnecessary waste.


All Biome stores are fitted out by either re-purposing materials or sourcing new fixtures made with sustainable and locally made materials. In all store fit-outs, we avoid MDF and PVC such as vinyl and any materials using formaldehyde. We use zero VOC paints, water-saving devices, non-toxic printer inks and BPA-free receipt paper.  The shelves and lights in our latest store fit-outs are made using lightweight Xanita cardboard manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste, and our light shades in some locations are upcycled blown glass Bombay Sapphire gin bottles.

All Biome locations are fitted out with low energy LED lighting and are powered by 100% GreenPower as we believe in the power of purchasing and increasing the renewable energy market in Australia.

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