Size Guide - EcoNaps

There are two popular cloth nappy styles available and EcoNaps does both. Their one-size design fits newborns to toddlers, from ~ 3.5 to 16kg.

Step 1: Choose Style

  • All in two - inserts are snapped onto the nappy cover.
  • Pocket nappy - inserts are stuffed into the nappy pocket.

Step 2: Size the Cover

Adjust the leg elastics to the right size:

  • Small: highest button
  • Medium: middle button
  • Large: no buttons

Step 3: Add Inserts

Choose the absorption level:

  • Small insert only: great for newborns using small sizing
  • Large insert only (folded over): extra absorption for boys and heavy wetters using nappy size small
  • Both inserts: great for nighttime or heavy wetters for more absorption at all sizes.