Size Guide - Birkenstock

Birkenstocks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so please follow this guide to ensure you get the right fit for your foot. Due to the nature of Birkenstock's materials, there can be a period at the start of the shoe's life where it is starting to mold to your foot. If you have followed this guide correctly, they should soon become very comfortable, like an old pair of thongs, only much more durable.

Please note, each Birkenstock size comes in two widths, Regular and Narrow.

How to measure:

  1. Stand flat on the foot you intend to measure. Ensure you are putting weight on the foot to mimic the conditions when you will be wearing the shoes. Now, measure the distance from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. Add 10mm to allow for a little movement in the shoe. This is your length measurement.
  2. Still standing with weight on the foot, measure the widest part of your foot. This is your width measurement, and will determine whether you need a Regular or Narrow fit for your length measurement.
  3. Please note, it is important you use the length measurement first, and then use the width measurement to determine whether you need a Regular or Narrow fit for that given length.

Example: Julie's foot measures 240mm long and 95mm wide. Julie adds 10mm to her foot's length to find she will fit comfortably into a Size 39 (250mm Footbed Length). At that size, the Regular Width footbed of 97mm will fit her foot properly.

Birkenstock Adult Sizes