Green success - eco friendly from top to bottom

Green success - eco friendly from top to bottom

For a growing number of retailers and entrepreneurs, ethics and business go hand in hand. A strong, passionate philosophical standpoint is the cornerstone of the business and its presence is felt in every transaction. 

Tracey Bailey, founder of Brisbane-based business Biome, is one such entrepreneur. With a lifelong passion for environmental awareness and eco friendly philosophies underpinning every business decision, Tracey has not only grown the business to the multichannel operation it is today - she has created a following of employees, customers and fans who live by the same values and beliefs.

The Biome business has come a long way since it began in 2003 as an online eco store. It now has two stores in Brisbane and stocks a complete range of products, all of which have to meet a stringent set of environmentally friendly criteria to even be success article

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