SOL Aroma Diffuser Glass and Bamboo

Aroma Diffuser made from bamboo and glass to create a relaxing environment with just a few drops of essential oil added to water in the diffuser. Can be used for fragrance, aromatherapy, humidifying, and negative air ionising.  Minimal plastic parts used unlike most diffusers on the market. Operates for up to 8 hours continuously.

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you are making a difference:

  • No heating or chemicals involved in the use of the diffuser.
  • Hand-crafted bamboo and glass design. 
  • A safe and effective way to fragrance, removing risk of hot oil or dangers of burning candles.
  • Made from sustainable materials.  


  • Works as both an aromatherapy diffuser and a room humidifier (ultra-fine cool mist generated by ultrasonic technology adds moisture to the air to hydrate your skin).
  • Negative air ioniser.
  • Operates up to 8 hours continuously. 120ml tank capacity
  • Features hand-crafted glass and bamboo design and ambient LED lighting.
  • Use with pure essential oils and fragranced oils. 
  • Transition Colours + Selectable LED Effect. 
  • Safe to use around children and the elderly. 

dimensions / specifications / materials:

11.5cm base x 13cm height.

DC 24 v Voltage. 12 w Power. 120ml Water Capacity. 10-15ml/h Mist Output. 15m Room Coverage.

Glass, bamboo and PP (polypropelene). 

Made in China. 

By on 18 Apr. 2019 (SOL Aroma Diffuser Glass and Bamboo) :


I am happy with my diffuser, it works well. The quality is good. I was surprised that it only takes 100ml of water and runs for 3-4 hours, half of what I was expecting. Also, I was surprised that the diffuser once in operation transitions through a rainbow of bright colours when I was expecting it to remain white.

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By on 11 Apr. 2019 (SOL Aroma Diffuser Glass and Bamboo) :

A worth while investment

This diffuser has been a worth while investment. The diffuser itself is sleek and modern looking and I love how easy to take care of and use. I would fully recommend this is everyone.

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By on 08 Dec. 2018 (SOL Aroma Diffuser Glass and Bamboo) :

looks like a great diffuser, but horrible packaging

This diffuser is marketed as a low plastic option. It still has plastic on the inside, which is necessary because its an electronic item after all.
However, I was REALLY disappointed by the packaging this came with. It had styrofoam and individual plastic wrappings. Styrofoam has no place in your product aimed at ~~~eco friendly people.
The chamber also looks quite small compared to other diffusers.

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