Straw cleaning brush

Straw brush cleaner to universally fit most sippy cup spouts and reusable straws and drinking bottle straws. Also works well for cleaning coffee machine milk straw parts. Stainless steel handle with nylon bristles.

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Straw brush cleaner to universally fit most sippy cup spouts and reusable straws and drinking bottle straws.

Use for Thermos sippys and straw bottles, as well as straws from drink bottles, accordian straws, sports bottle straws; even standard drinking straws.

Each straw cleaning brush measures approximately 19cm long.

you are making a difference:

  • Save money and the planet by not having to toss out spouts and straws on a regular basis because you can't get the spout/straw clean.
  • Keeps kids healthier by decreasing lingering bacteria in those tiny straws, therefore making it safer for your kids to reuse them.


  • The brush has a nylon bristle tip with a rust-free stainless wire handle. Handle made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic.


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By on 15 May 2018 :
Title : Good to have
Comment : I bought these to go with stainless steel straws as a gift. I know the one I have works well.
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 12 May 2018 :
Title : Necessary, but could be better
Comment : After having the straw and brush for a year, the inside of the glass straw is a bit tarnished, and the straw bristles aren't really strong enough to wash that off. It is however a necessary item to buy if you are getting the straw as it is the right size to wash gunk out.
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 11 May 2018 :
Title : Versatile & Cheap
Comment : Since joining the reusable straw bandwagon I've used this brush for much more than just my steel straw. I found that I can use it to clean underneath the blades of my food processor, spiraliser and in those little nooks tucked away behind glass jar lids! This is a fantastic size to also clean inside silicone spatula heads.
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 17 Apr. 2018 :
Title : Fantastic!
Comment : This is so handy to use to clean your reusable straws!
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 06 Apr. 2018 :
Title : Enhances the reusable straw experience
Comment : Works well and stores easily inside your reusable straw when you're not using it
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 05 Apr. 2018 :
Title : straw cleaner
Comment : great and long lasting product
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 02 Apr. 2018 :
Title : So useful for cleaning straws
Comment : Great for cleaning metal straws. And great price. So glad they are sold separately.
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 15 March 2018 :
Title : Must have for niche cleaning
Comment : Cheap and reliable. Buy a few to stash away as they are so small. I like giving my straw a quick clean by dipping the cleaner in some water when I'm out and about so that any residue is removed until I can wash it at home properly!
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 10 March 2018 :
Title : Great!
Comment : Provides a terrific clean for our metal straws. Excellent for drink bottles too.
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 07 March 2018 :
Title : Worth Having
Comment : Cleans well, and good for kids drink bottles and lids too!
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 04 March 2018 :
Title : Works like a charm
Comment : Cleans perfectly. Very handy!
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 17 Feb. 2018 :
Title : Great product
Comment : Works perfectly to keep my stainless steel straws clean
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 04 Feb. 2018 :
Title : Handy Little Tool
Comment : Bought to use with my stainless steel straws - I haven't had to use it for them, but have found this excellent for other straws that can't go in the dishwasher.
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 31 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Needed
Comment : I bought this to use with my new stainless steel straws and it's the perfect size. Much needed to properly clean them
(Straw cleaning brush)
By on 23 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Essential!
Comment : If you buy bamboo, stainless steel, or glass straws then you need to get this as well. It's going to keep them properly clean and it's such a cheap little item that it'd be foolish not to get it.
(Straw cleaning brush)

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