Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack)

Two small and two large reusable silicone wraps. Designed to wrap, seal and bake with, these food-grade sheets replace cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper* all in one! BPA, PVC and lead free. Agreena wraps stretch and stick to anything creating a seal. Simply wash and reuse!

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you are making a difference:

  • Using multi-purpose and reusable food storage products greatly reduces resouce consumption and throw-away waste.
  • Agreena also provides an end of life solution to recycle the silicone.

* While Agreena silicone wraps can withstand temperatures up to 220°C, Biome does not recommend using silicone products for baking at high temperatures or microwaving.  We believe that there is not sufficient evidence of the safety of silicone when heated, and it also depends on the quality of the silicone, for which there is no certification scheme.


  • Designed in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.
  • Washable, reusable, durable and long lasting. Can be used over and over again for years and years!
  • Seals bowls airtight. Also sticks to itself for wrapping items. Keeps food fresher for longer.
  • Freezer safe. Can be used in the oven and microwave *(see above).
  • Contains no BPA, PVC or lead.
  • Caution: sharp edges may cause punctures or tears in silicone.
  • Some foods may leave a stain from contact. 
  • Remove backing sheet and wash before use.

end of life:

As silicone is not able to be recycled through household recycling bins, Agreena has partnered with an independent recycling facility so that unusable wraps can made into other ruberised products. At the end of its useful life, Agreena wraps can be returned to any Biome store or posted back to us.

dimensions / materials:

Made with 100% food grade silicone (with no fillers).  2 of 20cm x 20cm sheets and 2 of 30cm x 30cm sheets.

how to care for Agreena wraps:

Wash your Agreena 3-in-1 wrap in warm soapy water and hang off the edge of a bench or countertop — or just stick them to your splashback or tiled wall to dry. You can then fold and store them in a drawer or in a basket on your counter.

Designed in Australia, made in China. 

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  • Shop by your values Petrochemical free, Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste, Made to Last, BPA Free
By on 20 July 2018 :
Title : Fantastic!
Comment : These are amazing! I was really sceptical at first, but they work even better than cling wrap as they're not as fragile. The best part is you can see what's in the bowls, unlike beeswax covers that you need to take off to see what's hiding underneath!
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 28 June 2018 :
Title : Would recommend
Comment : Only used as cling wrap so far but loving it! Took a little to get used to it, and I have discovered that it sticks to some surfaces better than others but I’m constantly using it now. Would recommend.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 07 June 2018 :
Title : Genius!
Comment : I use these to cover bowls, but occasionally I have used them to wrap food for the fridge as well. They are perfect for different sizes. I haven't used them for baking. I haven't tried using them to cover food in ice cube trays, but I plan to. My only complaint would be that if you take a bowl out of the fridge and remove the cover to get something out, it doesn't re-stick because of the moisture. Minor problem. Overall, very happy.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 03 June 2018 :
Title : So far so good
Comment : I've only used these for wrapping sandwiches so far, but they do the job well. They wash, dry and store well. Mine do seem to have a bit of a plastic-like smell about them, which I'm hoping will fade. I'd prefer if they weren't coloured.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 10 May 2018 :
Comment : We have 2 dogs and are faced with the daily battle of keeping our house as hair free as possible. I was excited about this product, however, it attracts pet hair like static. I have washed them several times and the hair problem doesn't seem to be getting better. Otherwise, a good product if you have no pets.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 17 Feb. 2018 :
Title : replace cling wrap well
Comment : comes in two sizes - small one good for wrapping items like half a lemon, small bowl, large one good for most bowls and plates, and to wrap my sandwiches. I've reduced my cling wrap use significantly. They stick well so long as the surface is dry.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 12 Feb. 2018 :
Title : Great concept but not 100% practical
Comment : I think the idea behind these is great. I'm happy to use them as baking sheets for biscuits, but I used them for chicken and it was very difficult to clean. Two of my wraps already have a hole in them. Even after using hot, soapy water, when they dry they look 'cloudy'. Like a window with smears on it. They do form a tight seal provided it's a round, glass container and the rim needs to be clean.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 16 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Decent product
Comment : This is the first time i have tried reusable food wraps. I stuggle a little to get an airtight seal and the product sometimes doesn't stick to itself very well. A little smaller than I'd hoped for, but it's covered most bowls very well.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 11 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Great idea, but room to improve
Comment : Pros Doesn't retain smells after washing and drying Dries fast Seals well Cons Sticky and difficult to use even after a few washes Sheets aren't large enough for those big items like a cake, large salad.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 07 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Great alternative to plastic wraps
Comment : Really impressed with these - they work well for food prep instead of cling wrap and also for wrapping foods for lunchboxes. The plastic is really hard to get off when you first purchase them, but once you get them off its great. They are easy to clean although with some hot foods sometimes the silicone does get a bit of a food smell to it, but comes out when you wash it.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 05 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Better than Cling Wrap
Comment : Loving these alternative planet healthy items.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 17 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Good size!
Comment : I bought some of these last week. I did initially struggle to get the plastic backing (recyclable) off the back of the silicon sheets but I contacted Agreena and they gave me some helpful advice. These silicon wraps are a good size to drape over larger bowls of food etc and can be used for lining baking trays etc, meaning you can ditch baking paper as well as plastic wrap.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 21 Nov. 2017 :
Title : Great multi-use item
Comment : Glad I bought this! Replaces glad wrap, baking paper and al-foil. Easy to use. Now to use up my glad wrap etc so I can use this all the time!
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))
By on 13 Oct. 2017 :
Title : Much better than alternatives I've tried
Comment : I have some of these and they work great. A lot better than a couple of other similar products I've tried in the past. They're quite thin, which is a good thing, making it easy to stretch over things. When wrapping something they'll fold over and stick to itself well enough to stay in place; another silicone wrap I have I need to put a rubber band around, but not these. One thing to be aware of is it does take a bit of patience to get the plastic film off them when you first get them, but it's well worth the effort, and only needs to be done once. What I found works is to fold a corner over, plastic to plastic, then pull back on the silicone with a finger nail and try to get hold of the silicone when it separates from the plastic a little.
(Agreena Reusable Silicone Food Wraps Vegan (4 pack))

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