Women, wildflowers and hope

These beautiful and intriguing cards are hand-made by women whose homes in El Salvador's highland cloud forest were destroyed by a devastating earthquake and mudslides. Look closely as you may not realise that the glamorous headdresses are made from intricately placed dried wildflowers and leaves. In 2001, massive mud slides and a devastating earthquake left many families in the highlands of El Salvador homeless and jobless. With their fields destroyed, many people began traveling long hours to low-paying factory jobs in the capital. A group of enterprising women formed Arte Comasagua, an artisans' organization that handcrafts stylish designs from native flowers and plants. These women now work locally, caring for their families and saving for their future. Find these handmade wildflower cards in our Biome Eco Stores at 2 Latrobe Tce, Paddington and 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD. Like mini artworks, they look gorgeous in our recycled wooden photo frames too. The cards are shared with the world through Hope for Women, a socially-responsible, for-profit organisation that provides retail opportunities for products made exclusively by women so they can take control of their lives and futures.  
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