Meet the Maker: S.E.A.T – The little wooden stool that could!

Eco furniture for kids

S.E.A.T Project are here with a piece of eco furniture that does so much for something so little! The wooden stool for children does so much for something that measures a modest 37cm high. The people behind S.E.A.T have established a company that helps communities both in Australia and worldwide, strongly believe in sustainable design for their eco furniture, and forms the basis for trans-disciplinary education program for primary school children. [caption id="attachment_4474" align="aligncenter" width="300"]S.E.A.T wooden stool – small but mighty. S.E.A.T wooden stool – small but mighty.[/caption]

The small chair with a big heart

Inspired by Hands that Shape Humanity; designer Niki Banados from Sydney, Australia created the S.E.A.T wooden stool with the goal of designing an “ordinary product with an extraordinary message”. To acheive the extraordinary message, S.E.A.T packs in a whole lot of goodness: 1. S.E.A.T is a cradle-to-cradle piece of eco furniture and 100% biodegradable. This means that there are no nails or glues used in assembling the stool, and that all parts can be reused at the end of a product's natural lifespan. Not just the wooden stool, but even the packaging adheres to this principle. 2. S.E.A.T Project raises funds for The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), helping implement programs aimed at Indigenous literacy. 3. The wooden stool is produced in a sustainable bamboo factory in Vietnam, helping proviode the local community with a source of income. 4. All the bamboo used is grown and harvested sustainably, and the sustainable factory is powered by bamboo off cuts for off grid electricity – reducing waste in creating the eco furniture. As the wooden stool is easily assembled, S.E.A.T can also be a great school project encouraging teamwork, problem solving, literacy and a way to teach kids about sustainability, community and how people can help others. Once completing this project, children can celebrate with a little creativity – the wooden stool looks great with an imaginative paint job! The people at S.E.A.T Project even recommend kids get creative with their designs (with eco-friendly paints, of course). [caption id="attachment_4475" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hidden storage compartment. Hidden storage compartment.[/caption]

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