Honeybee Wraps

Honeybee Wraps originated in Sherrie Adams' kitchen eight years ago in the Northern Rivers near Byron Bay. Each day, Sherrie faced the same dilemma when packing her five kids school lunches. She never liked the idea of using single use plastic wrap, and every time she used it, she pondered less wasteful natural alternatives.
“Having a big family, I was always looking for a greener alternative to preserve our food fresh without the use of plastic,” said Sherrie.
In 2013, Sherrie started experimenting making wax wraps using organic cotton fabric and coating it with a mixture of beeswax, tree resin, coconut oil and jojoba oil. After numerous attempts, she formulated a coating she was happy with and tested the wraps in her home and kid's school lunch boxes.
“I started looking around for alternatives and I learnt that beeswax has been used as a preservative for centuries, so I started playing around with different ways to use beeswax. The advantages of the wraps are more than avoiding plastic. Beeswax has antibacterial and antifungal properties. With the ability to breathe and preserve, it really keeps the food fresh for longer and stops the food from going soggy, which is always the problem with plastic wraps,” said Sherrie.
After trying out her first batch, Sherrie decided to start selling them at local markets and quickly discovered she wasn't the only one searching for a sustainable food-wrap alternative. Though Sherrie never intended for her wraps to become a full-scale business, she was just searching for a waste free alternative to single use plastic wrap.
"It all started from asking the question of how, as a large family, we could reduce our impact on the earth," says Sherrie.
Sherrie and her team continue to make Honeybee Wraps by hand in her small studio on her farm. Sherrie's commitment to sustainability doesn't only stop at making an environmentally friendly alternative; she gives back to the community by employing locals and buying locally sourced ingredients. Honeybee Wraps are made with 100% certified organic cotton (GOTS certified) with low impact dyes, natural Australian beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and Australian jojoba oil. “One of the reasons why our beeswax food wraps are of the highest quality on the market is because we only use the best ingredients.” The beeswax used to make Honeybee Wraps is sourced locally and is harvested in a sustainable way. Sherrie maintains close working relationships with all of her suppliers to ensure the ingredients she uses aligns with her sustainable values. Each wrap lasts around 12 months or longer with careful use, and at the end of its life you can add them to your compost. The by-product fabric waste created in the production of Honeybee Wraps is donated and upcycled into quilts that are auctioned for charity by Bangalow Quilters and the Mullumbimby Hospital Auxilliary. Each year Honeybee Wraps also help a number of schools and community projects by supporting fundraising for their green activities. Shop Honeybee Wraps here >
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