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We've rounded up some of our favourite local food initiatives. We've love to hear from you in the comments below this post of any of your favourite local food heroes and businesses! You can also now collect your Food Connect box from Biome's Brisbane city store. Local Harvest allows you add your post code and find what local food is near you. You can take their one week challenge where you can take on the goal of intentionally reclaiming your food choices and decreasing the degrees of separation between you and your food. They've just had their official annual Local Harvest challenge in April, but you can take their challenge anytime! The Downtown Honey Co. was established by three passionate urban beekeepers who believe in bringing the bee back to downtown Brisbane and its surrounds. With ever expanding urbanisation bees numbers are in decline. Bees are essential for a healthy eco system and play a vital role in the pollination of plants and flowers. On their site you can learn about hosting a hive & what these beekeepers are getting up to around Brisbane! Brisbane Local Food focusses on food gardens in public and private spaces, as well as services and products for locally produced food and food gardening. It's a great forum for gardening and beyond with lots of helpful tips and resources. The Little Veggie Patch Co. is comprised of Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember who run a successful business in Melbourne installing edible gardens: in polystyrene boxes on balconies, in crates you can put anywhere in your backyard, or by creating no-dig, raised garden beds. After years of helping clients set up spaces to grow their own fruit and vegetables they believe anyone can create their own little edible garden, anywhere! We stock their beautiful book which shows you how simple it is! And last, and certainly not least... Food Connect Brisbane and Food Connect Sydney provide local seasonal food boxes & groceries that have been grown using organic, bio-dynamic, permaculture & petrochemical free farming methods. Their seasonal produce is grown within a 5-hour radius of either Brisbane or as close as possible to Sydney. There are a variety of Food Connect boxes and extra groceries sure to suit you. Picked fresh the weekend before, these are delivered to communities in the metropolitan region via a unique ‘City Cousin' distribution system. Our Biome City store (215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD) is now a Food Connect City Cousin. You can order by Sunday midnight to pick up your weekly box on a Wednesday anytime from 10:30am to store close at 6pm. Set up ongoing orders for extra ease. You'll keep your weekends free from fruit & veg shopping & support local farmers! How to join: 1. Visit Food Connect's sign up page, enter your details. If you are wanting to pick up from our City store, choose "Biome CBD" from the drop down box of pick up locations. Then follow the online instructions. You'll be able to choose the boxes you want, add extra groceries, and fruit & veg, and to set up ongoing orders. If you would like extra assistance, or to change your Food Connect order to now come to our store, you can call Food Connect on (07) 3216 7777. How to pick up: Visit our Biome City store (215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD) anytime between 10:30am - 6pm each Wednesday. Handy hint: Bring your own reusable bag(s) to pack your fruit, veg and groceries into (this will save you returning the Food Connect box the next week!)
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