Why this liquid fertiliser (that doesn't smell!) is best for indoor plants

If your #plantgoals aren't exactly matching your plant reality, we want to let you in on one of the best secrets to hit the plant-parent community: Indoor Plant Food. Developed by two sustainably minded horticulturalists, this specialised elixir is easy to apply, won't stink out your house and will help your plant-baby thrive.

Why do plants need fertiliser?

Well, they don't – if you don't mind droopy leaves, slow growth, lacklustre foliage and perhaps a few pest invaders. Think of fertiliser like a health supplement; it provides your indoor plants with all the extra nutrients they would usually be able to obtain from their natural environment. It's the good stuff that kicks your indoor plants into the next level of optimal health. The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food Liquid Fertiliser

Types of indoor plant fertiliser

  • Slow-release products are a common choice for outdoor plants, but indoors they can make life tricky as you need to ensure the environment is just right to avoid over-fertilising, plus they're not usually made from eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Granular fertilisers are mixed into the soil and release nutrients whenever the plant is watered, making it difficult to control the strength given.
  • Liquid fertilisers are mixed with water and then added to the soil, meaning you have control over when and how much to feed, as well as reduced risk of fertiliser burn.
  • Chemical fertilisers are fast acting and formulated to contain specific levels of nutrients – but who wants more chemicals in their home?
  • Organic fertilisers are a milder option but can sometimes leave an odour.
A quality fertiliser will include a good ratio of macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, or N:P:K) and trace elements to become a ‘complete fertiliser' and ensure optimal plant growth.

Why is Indoor Plant Food the smart choice?

Fertiliser may be one of the most confusing parts of plant-parenting, but The Plant Runner guys make it simple.
  1. Made from natural ingredients
  2. Liquid fertiliser makes life easier for you – dropper included for simple measurements and less waste
  3. Contains a special formulation of N:P:K, trace elements and seaweed
  4. Almost totally odourless
  5. Complete fertiliser – no need to do anything else
  6. Vegan
  7. Recyclable glass bottle packaging
The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food Liquid Fertiliser

When to fertilise?

Right now! The active growing season has kicked off with the start of spring, so now is the perfect time to feed your plants with The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food. Add 1ml to every 1 litre of water and water your plants as normal. Fertilise every 2–4 weeks over spring and summer, then reduce to every 6 weeks at half-strength over winter. [pswp_products ids="34753,34755"] Find more The Plant Runner products online here and at selected Biome stores in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. Please call the store first to check stock.
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