Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving

Christmas is almost here. By now you are probably thinking of gifts for loved ones and perhaps you have a nagging feeling that it is all a bit wasteful. So many ‘normal' gifts end up in landfill or are made of dangerous plastic. To assuage your worries and give you a happy alternative, here is our guide to gifts that keep giving, long after the silly season.

Sow ‘n Sow 'Christmas Thyme' Gift Card with Seeds

sow-n-sow-gift-card-with-seeds-christmas-thyme The gift that truly keeps on giving. Each card features funky artwork and includes a recycled craft envelope, Thyme seeds, a plant label and sowing instructions. What a gorgeous way to say you're thinking of someone this Christmas. Shop Sow ‘n Sow gift card with seeds here >

UrbanGreens Grow Kit – Groovy Greens

urbangreens-grow-kit-groovy-greens With this clever gift the recipient will have no excuse for not eating their greens. Everything included in the kit to grow Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Pak Choy, Rocket and Swiss Chard. Using high quality Australian seeds, the kit comes with labels, peat pots and recipes. Shop UrbanGreens Grow Kit – Groovy Greens here >

The Little Veggie Patch Co. Book

the-little-veggie-patch-co This hilarious and handy reference book gives you all the details on how to grow your own. A great book to keep dipping into for tips on growing veggies in small spaces. Shop The Little Veggie Patch Co. book here >

Sprout coloured pencil

sprout-coloured-pencil-basil An ingenious way to get kids to start their own herb garden while using coloured pencils. Once their art has been hung, the garden can start. When the stub gets too low, you can plant the dissolvable end capsule containing herb and flower seeds. This pencil pictured is coloured green, but you can collect the set to get different colours and different herbs. Made from non-gmo seeds and either PEFC or FSC Certified hardwood. Shop Sprout coloured pencils here >

Lil Bit Bee Seed Bombs

lil-bit-bee-seed-bombs Bees are under threat from agricultural chemicals used around the globe. However, they are super important for the food chain, as we rely on them for almost two thirds of our food. This lovely linen bag contains organic matter impregnated with flower seeds that can be tossed anywhere in your garden. Come summer, the bees will have a delightful array of flowers to busy themselves with. Flowers included are: Blue Ageratum; ‘Crego' mixed; ‘Giant Perfection' Asters; ‘Forest Fire' Celosia; ‘Sensation' mixed Cosmos; Dahlia ‘Hi Dolly'; ‘Sparky' French Marigold; Mixed Petunias; Mixed California Poppies and Mixed California Giant Zinnias. This truly is a Christmas gift that keeps giving to both people and the ecosystem. Shop Lil Bit Bee Seed Bombs here >

Little Veggie Patch Co. Organic Heirloom Seeds

heirloom-seeds-peas-pea-snap-sugar-bon- The little company that wants to help us all live simply and sustainably bring you these heirloom seeds. They yield delicious sugar snap peas to brighten your dinner plate or salad. Unfortunately, we can't post these to WA. Other seeds in the collection include chives; sunflower; celeriac; beetroot; kale; squash; beans; nasturtium; viola; carrot and capsicum. Shop organic heirloom seeds here >

UrbanGreens Microgreens Windowsill Kit

urbangreens-microgreens-windowsill-kit This windowsill kit will be a gift that keeps giving to a special person by providing microgreens at arm's length in the kitchen. Filled with Australian seeds, sustainable, organic coir propagation mix and a booklet with growing instructions and tips. Shop UrbanGreens Microgreens Windowsill kit here > These gift ideas will keep the Christmas spirit alive all year by sprouting, greening and feeding long after Christmas is over.


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